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Thursday, April 20, 2006

EL CENIZO Texas, Mexico or America?

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I heard about this last week on the radio and thanks to Coalition members I found the story.

I want to know why no one is reporting on this issue.


From The Boston Globe:

Right away, the nasty letters and cuss-filled calls began pouring in to this parched border town. One after another, they reminded residents where they live, and their cumulative vitriol confused the three officials who constitute local government.

The officials say they do not understand why the rest of the country cares how they conduct city business. What matters is that the people who live in El Cenizo participate. So with little discussion and no dissension, the City Commission voted this month to hold its monthly meetings and all official functions in Spanish.

The decision made this tiny town along the Rio Grande the first to declare an official language other than English.

Maybe it is just me, but I think this points to the necessity of making English the Official Language of the USA! This is beyond insulting! These are elected officials of an American town, not a Mexican town. I would be equally pissed if I were Mexican and a Mexican town made English their official language.

‘I understand it is the United States, but what happens if people want to know what is going on?'’ said Mayor Rafael Rodriguez, elected in November along with the two city commissioners.

Um, I donno Mayor, maybe they could LEARN ENGLISH!

Even before this month’s vote, Spanish was the language of El Cenizo, a smattering of ramshackle houses and dusty roads about 15 miles downriver from Laredo. Many of its 7,800 residents speak little or no English, among them the mayor, who concedes he crossed the border illegally 20 years ago and has since become a naturalized citizen

Well, well, well, so he was an Illegal Alien Invader. That is starting to make some sense huh? So how does an invader become a naturalized citizen? Besides Military service there should be NO WAY to become a citizen.

To them, the new policy makes perfect sense, as does another designating El Cenizo a ‘’safe haven'’ for undocumented immigrants who make their way to the town.

That one sets precedent, too. Although some other cities such as New York and Los Angeles forbid their employees from turning in undocumented workers to the Immigration and Naturalization Service, only El Cenizo threatens dismissal or recall for assisting the agency.

OK, that’s it! This council should be jailed!

As a teacher at nearby Kennedy-Zapata Elementary School put it with a shrug after asking not to be identified, ‘’The only thing I can tell you is that the kids’ attitude is: If our official language is Spanish, why do we have to learn English?'’

OMG! This needs to be fixed, before there is permanent damage right? Well, you may like to know that this story is from 1999!! This all happened under Now President Bush’s watch while he was Governor of Texas! Are you seeing a pattern here with the Presidents position about illegal aliens invaders in this country? He allows a city in Texas to do official business in Spanish and allows them to make a law that anyone who turns in an illegal loses their job? I have not found any new information about this situation, so it must have been accepted.

At any rate this is a very bad example to set. This further divides people and we are supposed to be a melting pot, which means you are brought into the American culture, not the other way around!

No one is reporting on this, or the fact that a California town that is overwhelmingly Hispanic is also claiming to be a “Safe Haven” for illegal aliens invaders.

I just cannot understand how we have let this problem get to this point.

If you wish to see how truly illiterate this government is check out A Guide for Governance inEl Cenizo, Texas That is how THEY typed it not me. Obviously they don’t take too much care in their English translated documents.

Gee, I didn’t know ‘commitmentiskey’ was one word! ‘Teamworkwhich’ is another interesting word.

Well, the good news is you know where to go to visit Mexico without leaving the USA. Ug.

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