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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Just Throw Americans a Bone

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That’s what the Department of Homeland Security has done today. They have thrown Americans a bone at the last minute to try to assuage the anger of the average American citizens as we watch our government refuse to uphold the laws of this nation and then pander to the throngs of illegal immigrants flooding our streets demanding equal rights.

After decades of ignoring our immigration law, don’t you find it rather laughable that right before they hand amnesty to millions of illegal invaders, our lovely government appears on the news and acts as if they are now enforcing our immigration laws? Don’t insult our intelligence. If Congress has their way, when they come back from spring break, everyone will be legal and our beloved ICE and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff will go back to business as usual.

I’m sorry but I don’t buy this for one minute. Chertoff announced today, on national television, that he is doing his job. Yes, that was our breaking news. The Department of Homeland Security does its job! Stop the presses! We are shocked, shocked I tell you, that a government agency would actually uphold the laws of this nation. How sad is that??? So they come before the cameras and announce they have arrested a few of the millions of illegal immigrants after years of doing absolutely nothing to control our borders and we are supposed to be what? Grateful? Placated? Not me. I feel it is yet another smoke and mirrors trick to lull the American citizens into thinking that someone up there - in Washington - is actually doing something. I also think it is an attempt to put a stop to the illegal immigrant rallies and marches before all hell breaks loose between the illegal immigrants and the American population.

Too little, too late, if you want my honest opinion. I won’t trust them until I see repeated and actual enforcement of our laws. And if the McCain/Kennedy amnesty foolishness is adopted then this means absolutely nothing. So, I’m going to hold off on the yippees that are rounding the web at the moment and continue to expect our elected officials to do their job.

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