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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here's A Thought: LEARN ENGLISH!

Try not speaking French in France and see how popular you are! Wait, do they still speak French or is it Arabic now?

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Enough of these excuses. Learn ENGLISH or go home. I wouldn't move to another country and expect them to speak my language; I would learn the native language. Failing to do otherwise would be MY FAULT.
Here we have another sob story from the MSM, about the poor little immigrants. Wah, wah.

AP: Many Immigrants at Mercy of Translators---

LYNN, Mass. - For Lidia Veras and Elena Clarisa Sepulveda, the pace of life is achingly slow, weighed down by confusion and delay.

Unable to speak or read English, the two immigrants and beauty salon co-workers from the Dominican Republic are at the mercy of friends to translate for them. When friends cannot help, doctors' appointments are skipped and mail goes unread, leaving the pair unsure what their banks, insurance companies or children's teachers are asking them to do.

Amid the national immigration debate, Congress has considered stronger incentives for immigrants to take English classes, including money and the potential for accelerated citizenship. But these women say they don't need an extra incentive; they need a desk. They are on a years-long, 400-person waiting list to get into a free, government-supported class at a community program called "Operation Bootstrap."
It isn't the Federal Government's job to teach immigrants English. If people want to be here, then it is up to them to do all that it takes to succeed. That includes learning English---and paying for it, doing it, mastering it without the government.

Here are some suggestions off the top of my head: Get a library card and get (English) books---read them. Ask an English-speaking neighbor to help you out. Watch English television----rather than just watching the silly Spanish-language channels that have begun to invade our culture, along with illegal aliens. Read the newspaper---used copies can be found all over, ask a neighbor to use old copies. Buy inexpensive used books at second-hand stores. Read magazines. Start listening to English speakers in public. Buy an English-language tape or cd from a bookstore or at an inexpensive price online. Pay for an English class. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

These people are sitting around, waiting for the government to teach them English, rather than taking responsibility for their own lives. We don't need more of this in the United States. We have enough home-grown lazies.

At Operation Bootstrap in Lynn, Edwards says many people don't sign up because word gets out the wait is hopeless. In Indiana, a state official says there's no statewide capacity problem, but Recarte, of Ivy Tech, says community colleges don't offer Spanish-speakers the kind of instruction they need, so few sign up — and then few classes are offered.

Other immigrants may be getting instructed by church and community groups, though experts wonder about the varying quality of that instruction.

Still others might be able to get by at work and home without English. But in Lynn, Sepulveda and Veras say they have no doubt English is essential for their careers, their children and their own happiness. Sepulveda tried to take carpentry training and says she did fine, but could not get work because of the language barrier.

Veras would like to take care of the elderly, but so far they have only been able to work in the beauty shop. Everyone speaks Spanish there.
Not learning English is NOT Acceptable. We speak English in the United States. I don't care what people speak in their own homes and to their family members and friends, but refusing to learn English (and refusing to learn on one's own, rather than expecting the government to pay) must not be tolerated.

I'm tired of having to "Press 1 for English" in my own country. I'm tired of my tax money being wasted because documents are printed in English and Spanish. I'm tired of people who are graciously allowed to legally immigrate and those who illegally invade running roughshod over us.

The rule ought to be: LEARN ENGLISH or STAY/GET OUT. Enough.

Visit English First for lots of important information.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.**


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