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Sunday, April 23, 2006

U.S. Government Obstructing Justice

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We all know the government of and for the people was not doing its job in regards to the floods of illegal immigrants walking over American Sovereignty, but there is yet more.

According to this report, the IRS and Social Security is withholding mountains of evidence crucial to a national security issue:

Last week, immigration cops trumpeted the arrests of nearly 1,200 illegal workers in a massive sting on a single company, but they admit that they relied on old-fashioned confidential informants and an unsolicited tip to get their investigation going.

It didn't have to be that hard.

The IRS and the Social Security Administration routinely collect strong evidence of potential workplace crimes, including names and addresses of millions of people who are using bogus Social Security numbers, their wage records and the identities of the bosses who knowingly hire them.

But they keep those facts secret.

"If the government bothered to look, it could find abundant evidence of illegal aliens gaming our system and the unscrupulous employers who are aiding and abetting them," said Rep. J.D. Hayworth, R-Ariz.

The two agencies don't analyze their data to root out likely immigration fraud - and they won't share their millions of records so that law enforcement agencies can do that, either.

Privacy laws, they say, prohibit them from sharing their files with anyone, except in rare criminal investigations.

But the agencies don't even use the power they have.

The IRS doesn't fine even the most egregious employers who repeatedly submit inaccurate data about their workers. Social Security does virtually nothing to alert citizens whose Social Security numbers are being used by others.

Evidence abounds within their files, according to an analysis by Knight Ridder Newspapers and The Charlotte Observer.

One internal study found that a restaurant company had submitted 4,100 duplicate Social Security numbers for workers. Other firms submit inaccurate names or numbers reports for nearly all of their employees. One child's Social Security number was used 742 times by workers in 42 states.

Needless to say, this is rediculous. But it gets worse:

Most immigrants simply use Social Security numbers to get work, experts say.

They make up numbers, buy them on forged cards, or steal them.

But their demand has fueled a massive industry of suppliers who make fraudulent documents or steal real ones.

Federal officials downplay the risks that people face when others use their numbers for work. Safeguards are in place to protect retirement and disability benefits, they say.

...In Utah, prosecutors charged dozens of immigrants who got lured into a fraud ring to buy homes. The immigrants managed to obtain 87 home loans using Social Security numbers they'd obtained.

"The whole world revolves around the Social Security number. You need it to get employment, a driver's license, credit. . . . The more demand there is for stolen numbers, the odds are they're going to hit your number," said Torgensen, Utah's deputy attorney general.

Not only is the federal government completely lethargic, and obstructive on the issue of illegal immigration, it cares not for the identity, and well being of its real citizens.
Those safeguards are not much at all, you match a name to a number there is not much reason for further checks.
The Senate, the President need to uphold the oath of office they took, to protect and defend the Constitution, the law, and the People.

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