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Monday, April 10, 2006

Reuters - Protesting Immigrants Highlights Clout

As usual, the media tends to blur the lines between arguments opting for the most inflammatory of those available.

"The country built and populated by immigrants is wrestling with ways to tighten border controls and weighing the future of an estimated 11 million, mostly Mexican, illegal immigrants."

Might many of those that have immigrated here legally like a tighter border? Might even many of those that have entererd illegally and one way or the other be citizens of the U.S. now, want tighter borders? It is as though the U.S., a country built upon immigration, does not welcome immigrants anymore. Nope, just want the border tightened up so that the flow of those wishing to immigrate to this country or just migrate for work is controlled.

Immigration expert Linda Chavez said "most immigration opponents are loath to admit it, at least publicly, but they are worried that the huge influx of Hispanics will somehow change America for the worse." I wonder how she comes upon this wisdom? Linda Chavez usually discusses reality, might Reuters have only quoted the good stuff? Dunno.

Reuters goes on to reference the late 1800's and the governments banning of Chinese immigrants and states further that "some of those views are echoed today." Is this really such a big piece of the drive to guard our borders? Is this what we are calling for? It is if people only listen to the msm.


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