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Thursday, April 27, 2006

US mulls nuclear cooperation agreement with Russia

According to Reuters: (article here)

The United States is discussing the possibility of a civilian nuclear energy agreement with Russia that could help wean Moscow away from cooperation with Iran, according to U.S. officials.
A bi-partisan study by the Council on Foreign Relations said:
The nuclear deal will allow expanded cooperation, including the administration's Global Nuclear Energy Partnership Initiative, and "will reflect Russia's status as a major factor in nuclear commerce, from fuel supply and storage to reactor sales and advanced research.
One of several anonymous officials recently interviewed said:
(the agreement) doesn't commit the sides to any particular project and could be a way of demonstrating to the Russians how much larger our market is than what exists in Iran.
Not to be a party pooper, but do we really trust Russia to then not turn around and use this new connection for further atomically economic ventures with Iran? Would we be getting in too deep toward a point of no return?

Based upon Russias economic needs it has taken this route and stance for the benefit of itself. Whether they have wanted it to, it has also had benefits for Iran. I fear that Russia is just too hungry to be trusted.


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