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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Analysis: Fast track to U.S. citizenship

This is really something. The writer takes a moment at the beginning to suggest an idea leading to citizenship, which is interesting:

"why not offer any immigrant who elects to sign up for a stint in the U.S. Armed Forces, say for a two-year tour of duty in a combat zone, instant citizenship upon completion of the said tour."

So you think you know where this might lead....? Nope!
"Meanwhile, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are grappling with a series of suggestions on how to handle the influx of illegal immigration. Proposals range from the impossible -- deport them all -- to the obscene -- build a 700-mile wall across
the southern border."

OBSCENE? Interesting choice of words. The writer must consider the wall idea obscene due to his comparison of a proposed souther border wall with that of the Berlin wall. I've heard this one before, but it just doesn't cut it.

"It is worth reminding that the East Germans tried the wall thing, and it didn't work very well."

It is also worth reminding and emphasizing that it was the East Germans with the assistance of their benefactors the Soviets that built the wall. A wall intended to keep citizens in the east. West Berlin was not involved in building the wall and in reality the wall was not around the east, but around West Berlin, since Berlin was in the heart of East Germany.

To just scratch the surface, the United States welcomes immigrants, as West Berlin welcomed East Berliners/Germans. The "Berlin Wall" analogy would make more sense if it was Mexico that built the wall and killed those that tried to reach the U.S.. However, Mexico is happy to let their people leave and assists them in their quest.

This rolls with lumping illegals in with immigrants, implying that they are all one group.

This article is an affront to reality, as is the demands illegals are making. The article in part, is below, click on More below to read the rest.

From UPI:

For the second time in as many months, hundreds of thousands of mostly Hispanic immigrants -- many of them believed to be "illegals" working without proper documentation in the country -- have staged protest marches in cities across the United States.

Those represent only a small percentage of the 12 million believed to be in the United States, doing jobs many Americans reject. Now, with the passing of new laws by the House, they face deportation and criminal charges, if caught.

The protestors are demanding more rights and a fast track to a Green Card and ultimately, U.S. citizenship.

In Joliet, Illinois, the Chicago Tribune reports that participants in the march, mostly Hispanics, carried signs stating: "We Are America" and "Today We March, Tomorrow We Vote" and its Spanish-language counterpart, "Hoy Marchamos, Manana Votamos." Many of the marchers were chanting "U.S.A.," and
were waving American flags. "We love this country," many were reported saying.

Indeed, there is little doubt that the vast majority of immigrants -- Hispanic or otherwise -- who come to the United States truly love this country. This is an easy place to make a life for oneself. Their reason for immigrating is no different from the millions of immigrants who have preceded them over the
past two centuries, from the first pilgrims who sailed to Plymouth Rock from England, to the most recent Mexican or Salvadoran who crossed the Rio Grande and braved the deserts of the southwest, all in search of a better life.


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