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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Illegals Strike, USA Yawns

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1 Million Immigrants Skip Work for Rally on Yahoo!

"This country needs us. We are the strong arms that do all the tough jobs," said Donna Maria Mostache, a 43-year-old cook and illegal immigrant who marched alongside hundreds of thousands of others in Los Angeles. "We can't be afraid to come out and say who we are."

More than 1 million illegal immigrants and their supporters agreed Monday. From Los Angeles to Chicago, Houston to Miami, a "Day Without Immigrants" meant a day boycotting work and school in favor of rallies and marches that clogged city streets for miles.

First of all, Donna, being a cook is not a tough job. I have done it before, and it doesn't remotely qualify as "tough". Here is tough : going back to the country you are legally a citizen and enacting change to transform that country into an economic powerhouse like the United States. Here is tough : applying for citizenship legally.

Here is tough: joining the military, fighting a war against terror, and earning your citizenship. By weight of evidence, I see you are not really willing to do the "tough" jobs.

Still, this is all little more than "cover fire" to point out the rally/boycott/protests failed to shut the country down as promised. Life went on, and the USA goes on. If we are to believe the statistics thrown at us on a daily basis, 10% of the illegals in this country protested. Put another way, 1/300th of this country boycotted/protested to show their "might".

The rest of America, however, yawned.

What is certain is the illegals have overstayed any welcome they may have enjoyed in the past. My solutions for ending illegal immigration may see the light of day, albeit watered down to the extreme. This boycott/protest may just have been the impetus to start the ball rolling to begin the process of kicking the illegals out. So, in weighing the stated goals of the protest/boycott against the real world results, if one is honest one must admit it was a disaster. It backfired big-time.

Not that the MSM will ever let on.

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