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Friday, May 05, 2006

Arab nations aim to push quartet over Palestinians

After recent pleas from Hamas

From Reuters:

Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan will press Middle East peace brokers to find ways to get funds to the Palestinian Authority despite a U.S.-led aid ban on Hamas that they say could cause a "humanitarian crisis."
The (Palestinian) authority has been unable to receive funds from abroad because local, regional and international banks fear sanctions by the United States, which regards Hamas as a terrorist organization.
The peace brokers being pressed, referred to as the "quartet" consist of the U.S., Russia, France and Great Britain. What is a shame about this is that it has only been since January and no indication from Hamas has been offered regarding their stance toward Israel. Now with the assistance of other Middle Eastern nations it will have less motivation to ease up on their terrorist activites. Terror continues to pay.

More from Reuters:
"It's important to continue to have assistance to the Palestinians. You cannot punish them," said Egypt's ambassador to Washington Nabil Fahmy. "You can't move forward if people are faced with a horrible humanitarian situation," he added.
Yet the Palestinians moved forward at the voting booth and have selected a group that is a blight on the planet. Likely they didn't consider it, but they chose to lay down with dogs so of course fleas come with the deal.


A common view among all three (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan) is that by demonizing Hamas, the United States and others would boost the militant group's standing and cut out moderates who support Abbas.

They will also pressure the quartet to recognize that Israel should not be allowed to take unilateral action that would prejudice final-status negotiations on land distribution.

One thing for sure is that the cry of foul always rests on the actions of the U.S.. Please don't do anything to upset the bully killers. Also included is always more demands upon the over patient nation of Israel.

Remove the blight.


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