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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Catch & Release, Catch & Release...

Keeping the pond stocked....

Cross posted from Free Constitution:

Why build a big fence signifying the boundary between the United States and Mexico, discouraging illegal activities, and helping enforcement agencies focus their efforts?

Because of this:

Martinez had just spent 42 days in an Arizona jail for lying to police and for his possible involvement in a shooting incident with a former City Council candidate in downtown Mesa. It took him less than a week in late April to be convicted, deported and then return to the country that had just kicked him out...

“It’s one of the reasons (immigrants) accept voluntary repatriation because they know they can be back in 24 hours,” said Ira Mehlman, a spokesman for the Federation For American Immigration Reform.

“If you weren’t just across the border it would be more of a problem to get back,” he, said, adding that everyone knows it’s just “a game of catch and release.”

[Ira] said ICE agents typically take deportees as far as the Nogales checkpoint and watch them walk into Mexico to make sure they are fully “repatriated.” Not much stops them from simply turning around and coming right back, he said.
Not so sure about the reliability of a security fence?
Look at what it did for Israel in '94:
The construction of a security fence is one of the most effective non-violent methods of preventing the passage of terrorists and their armaments from the terrorist factories in the heart of Palestinian cities to the heart of civilian areas. We have seen this in the Gaza Strip where, since the construction of a similar fence, under an Israeli-Palestinian agreement of 1994, not a single terrorist has succeeded in penetrating into Israel from Gaza through the fence in order to execute an attack. That fence garnered no dissent from the Security Council or from the Palestinian side, and has in fact contributed to enhancing the personal security and welfare of Israeli and Palestinian communities on both sides...
In 2004:
The Israeli army reports a sharp drop in fatalities from Palestinian terror attacks in the first half of this year, giving much of the credit to the partially completed West Bank security barrier.
Palestinians, who are reluctant to find any good in the barrier, also are benefiting from a reduction in Israeli military operations into their neighborhoods...
And another statistic:

... from the onset of the Palestinian campaign of terror against Israel in September 2000, until the start of the construction of the fence in July 2003, Palestinian terrorists based out of the northern West Bank carried out 73 attacks in which 293 Israeli were killed and 1,950 were wounded, and during the period since construction began, from August 2003 through June 2004, only 3 attacks were successfully executed, 2 of which were executed by terrorists coming from areas where the fence was not yet completed;

Whereas this reduction in number of attacks represents a 90 percent decline since construction of the security fence commenced.

FMNN has a clear take on it:

Another little-mentioned fact has to do with the Israeli security fence, it is the reason there haven't been any attacks for so long. The wall that separates Israeli from Palestinian territoryand makes liberals, libertarians, and plain old bigots like Bob Novak shriek like stuck pigs, has cut by over 80 percent the number of Israelis maimed and murdered by suicide bombers.

This barrier is not a political border; it can be dismantled. But lives taken by terrorism cannot be reconstituted. Still, mention any security fence intended to prevent undesired or undesirable human acts, and the Kumbaya Crowd launches into maudlin impersonations of the sainted Ronald Reagan, RIP: "tear down this wall."

Incidentally, Emperor Hadrian built a wall in 122 A.D. to keep barbarians out of Roman Britain, thus ensuring three centuries of peace. And the Chin Emperor sought the same goal when he erected the Great Wall in the third century B.C. It doesn't seem to have occurred to those who invoke the portentous metaphor of the Berlin Wall that, unlike the Roman, Chinese, Israeli, and yet-to-be-built American-Mexican wall, the Iron Curtain was constructed to keep people in, not out.

The same palpable bad faith characterizes the United Nations. Its members have denounced the Jew-saving contraption, while announcing plans to bulwark bureaucrats behind a security fence surrounding their New York headquarters.

Ditto the European Union. It has censured Israel for the wall, while revealing plans to erect one of its own "to protect EU members Poland and Hungary from" the free movement of migrants "from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine," as author Stephanie Gutmann has written.(via IsraPundit)

Now, proponents for a security fence for the United States do not plan to enclose people in, nor do they want to permanently build a wall cutting off relations. The fence would significantly help secure the United States from the millions flowing in we cannot account for, let alone house, feed, medicate, and/or educate. This would be no wall cutting a homologous country in two, but a deterrent for illegal aliens, and an aid for law enforcement.

Immigration control starts at the border.

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