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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Congress wants us to reward illegal activity en masse (illegal immigration)

I commented at someones site yesterday regarding the Berlin Wall and the pathetic comparison of it to our demands to our southern border. I witnessed the gray, stark, imposing wall first hand between 1985 and 1987. Thinking the wall or fence that we speak of as comparable is deceitful or if not that, naive and ignorant of reality. As Debbie from Right Truth quotes in the post below, "(t)he real fence was built to keep it's people in." Of this there was no doubt; as the West was alive and in the real world, the East looked gray and drab as though it hadn't changed one wit from the time the walls construction began in the 60's.

We will allow people in and out, but based upon our laws and our control. We won't have any canals with wire between the walls, nor towers manned by soldiers with orders to shoot to kill across a dead zone.

We just want to do what we can to protect this great nation of ours. Immigrants still welcome.

Cross posted from Right Truth:

"Leftist organizers are diligently propagandizing Hispanics into engaging in anti-American class warfare and ensnaring them into a deceptive web of race-based conflict. ... We must not allow them to exploit us or suck us into the insane notion that we should reward illegal activity en masse." Those are the words of a fifth-generation American of Hispanic descent, Al Garza. source

Instead, we need to remain steadfast with a "border security first" policy and postpone national deliberation regarding immigration reform until such time as American citizens have secure borders and restored freedom.

Then and only then should we debate "paths to citizenship or guest worker programs," where we the citizens pick and choose who should have the privilege of becoming U.S. workers or citizens. Clearly, the blessings, rights and responsibilities of American citizenship cannot be safely left to the opportunistic politicians, or to those who have arrived flouting the rule of law.
This man understands the situation. He also understands the threat to this country from terrorists that would cross the border:
If millions of pregnant Mexican mothers and aging Mexican grandfathers can successfully cross our porous southern border, how difficult would it be for a ruthless trained terrorist to bring across a small nuclear device?
Someone who apparently does NOT get is has written a new book: "ESSAYS and THOUGHTS America's Mexican Problem by Doug Bower, -- An examination of America's Anti-Mexican Xenophobia running rampant in America today! And essays on the Minutman Movement."

On building a fence, I have never (and I do mean NEVER) heard so many stupid comments from people trying to poo-poo the idea of building a fence. A fellow blogger said, "I've seen a real fence - you don't even know … I've walked up to the most famous fence in the world,
while it was still operational. I was under USAFE Command stationed in Germany from 1982 to 1984. The real fence was built to keep it's people in." He is absolutely correct. You can read the entire post at Fix 4 RSO

We don't want to build a fence to keep people IN, we want to build a fence to keep undesirables OUT. We want a fence to protect American rights and way of life. As my friend continues in his post, "These people are not escaping an oppressive government that is torturing, killing, tracking, placing them in death camps, or stealing the money out of their hands."

When I go to bed at night I lock my doors. When I drive to the store, I lock my doors to keep some stranger from jumping in and taking my car or injuring me. As a guest on Fox News Channel said, "When churches close at night, they lock their doors ... the White House locks their doors, ... there is a fence around the White House and other important buildings... they get locked to keep out undesirables."

Those who have a fence or lock their doors are not called racist or xenophobes. So WHAT is wrong with putting a fence on our border for the very same reason? To keep out those that are not invited in? It seems like a hey-duh to me.

USA Today is reporting, "Senate rejects letting all illegal immigrants remain in USA":
The Senate rejected a California Democrat's plan to allow the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the country to remain, work and eventually become Americans,...
Well thank goodness. If that isn't amnesty I don't know what is. The Pugh Research Center is reporting that not all the illegals in the country came here that way. Millions came to the US legally, but overstayed their visas and no one here in the US bothered to follow up on them, or deport them. Figures.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at which level you would like to participate.**


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