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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act

The mere fact that persons in violation of the law are now concerned with actual enforcement of the law is exactly what we had hoped for - Senator Chip Rogers, GA
Gee, here is an idea that sounds as if it is already paying dividends even though it doesn't go into effect until 2007.

From the Chattanooga Times Free Press:
The new law will apply federal verification rules to residents seeking Medicaid and many other tax-funded services and deny state government contracts to businesses hiring illegal immigrants.

Sen. Chip Rogers, said in a written statement, "(t)his new law is already having a positive impact on deterring illegal immigration into Georgia. We have heard reports of dramatic reductions in the number of persons showing up at day labor sites"
Of course with every action, there is a reaction.
Anneliese Millones, Latina outreach coordinator for the Feminist Women’s Health Center, a nonprofit group based in Atlanta, said, "We’ve already seen discrimination, and it will get worse because of this bill."
Anneliese is among those that would like to see this stopped. We always seem to need to stop a fix before it has begun. I would suggest the Feminist Women's Health Center address the issue of "discrimination," as half the battle is discovery and/or understanding a problem. Instead it is likely they will spend time, money and energy fighting the Act; when time would be better spent preparing for it and adjusting services so the Act and Health Center can both move forward effectively and positively.

Full story here.

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