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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Fox Reconquista Tour of Aztlan

We don't put up walls. That's not the way you're going to fix the problem - President Vicente Fox

No, like anything, no single piece will resolve a problem; certainly a poor reason not to do it.

Cross posted from The Amboy Times:

Salt Lake City Tribune

Mexican President Vicente Fox 's plane touched down in Salt Lake City today in an attempt to save the current open border policy. Fox is in favor of a comprehensive approach to the border problem, but is vehemently opposed to

Speaking to a gathering of the Latino community, Fox called for "comprehensive" immigration reform that would allow for "legal, safe, orderly migration, respecting fully human rights and dignity." But, he added, "We don't put up walls. That's not the way you're going to fix the problem."

I assume Fox means the problem of millions of unskilled, poverty-stricken workers in his country. A fence would really clog the flow. After all, keeping these people in Mexico would endanger thier "human rights and dignity".

Fox pointed to a wide range of statistics that show Mexico's economy is growing and indicated there are great opportunities in Mexico in tourism, investment in infrastructure, energy, mining as well as food production and agriculture.

But what about the millions who are willing to risk their lives to escape Fox's "improved" economy?

The news media has been told Fox will not answer any questions.

Ah! The media on a tight leash, Vincente must've felt right at home. It's interesting that Fox would choose Salt Lake City as his first stop., many consider the huge lake to be the northern border of Aztlan. Fox will also visit Alta California and Washington as part of the tour.

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