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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Mexican President Vicente Fox Visiting the U.S. To Meddle in Immigration

President Fox is doing more to adjust and influence the immigration debate here, than he is doing for his own people. Without the U.S. as his trash disposal for issues at home that he is too inept to address, he is in a real quandary. Were the U.S. to be successful in its efforts to stem the flow of illegals Fox would be in a world of hurt.

So, not only do we pay for the ineffectiveness of our politicians we also get stuck with the bill from Mexico's political class.

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From Forbes:

Mexican President Vicente Fox is taking his five-year battle for immigration reform to the front lines with a trip this week to California, Utah and Washington.

Fox wants the U.S. Congress to approve a guest worker program and a path for citizenship for some of the 6 million undocumented Mexicans in the country.

Um, that would be AT LEAST 12 million illegal Aliens, not 6 million.

During the five-day trip which starts Tuesday in Utah, Fox plans to meet with state governors and legislators, business leaders and Mexican migrants.

"The Mexican government wants to do its part to promote an immigration reform," Fox's spokesman Ruben Aguilar said Monday. "Meeting with the Mexican community in these states, this Mexican government wants to show its total support for the defense of the their labor and human rights."

Fox will meet California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and will talk with Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. He also plans to get his cowboy boots dirty traipsing around a farm where Mexicans work in Washington state.

What in all that is holy is going on? Why should this man have anything to say about this issue. He needs to fix his own country and stay out of our business! This is why I called for a boycott of all Mexican goods. If he wants to fight the American people on this issue, than I say make the Mexican government suffer.

Fox has made a migration accord with the United States a cornerstone of his foreign policy since he took office in 2000. In 2001, he brought the issue to Washington, touting it before a joint session of U.S. Congress.

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