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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In Quest of The Silver Lining

Cross posted from CommonSenseAmerica:

Trying to find a glimmer of hope for America in the anti-American McCain/Kennedy Immigration Bill is kind of like trying to find Osama bin Laden in the Middle East - odds are slim to none. But occasionally, there is a bit of sunshine that peeks through the clouds.

From The Washington Post

Senate leaders predict final passage by week's end. That would trigger a House-Senate conference committee charged with the arduous task of crafting a compromise between the two versions. No final bill can reach the president's desk unless both chambers vote for it.

Some GOP strategists predict a bill will emerge from the House-Senate conference that will win most House Republicans' approval but will draw the opposition of most Senate Democrats and enough Republicans to kill it. Senators know the bill they are handling "is not going to survive in conference," said Charles Black, a veteran GOP adviser with close ties to the White House. A measure closer to the House version will emerge, Black predicted, "and Senate Democrats will kill the conference report. And then who killed immigration reform?"

So, all of this idiocy could very well be a thing of the past within a couple of months and our immigration nightmare will remain at status quo. After listening to the Senate try to hand over the keys to our nation for the past few weeks, status quo isn't looking all that bad.

Who wins in all of this?

From what I can gather, the Republicans believe they'll come out ahead with their base by appearing tougher on illegal immigration. The Democrats believe they will expand their base into the Hispanic community by trying to pander to this growing voting bloc. The Republicans also believe the Democrats will be blamed for killing immigration reform. But the Democrats believe they will come out of all of this looking like the Party of the `little guy'. These are the winning scenarios in the feeble minds of our elected officials.

In every game, there are winners and there are losers. Now that we know what the politicians hope to gain from this disgusting display, who actually loses? The answer is clear - the American people. But it was never about us in the first place, was it?

It's pretty sad when status quo in a nightmarish scenario is the only silver lining to be found for the American citizen.

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