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Friday, May 19, 2006

The Jobs Americans Won't Do

I listened to Laura Ingraham this morning and was lucky enough to hear her interview with Cyndi Smallwood, the unassuming and concerned small business owner in California. Why do you suppose the msm is surprised that so many think so little of them? You would think certain aspects of an individual they write about would be of interest to its readers.

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This is the phrase we keep hearing from every open border advocate, most politicians and most news sources, "The Jobs Americans Won't Do". One of these jobs supposedly is landscaping, but whould you mow lawns in the hot sun for 34 bucks an hour? I would, I'd fax my resume right now if I was fool enough to to believe this one. Heck, I was working my posterior off for $18 an hour when I was in construction, a near doubling of my wages would've really spruced up my bank account! But alas, the strory is a lie, and a bad one at that.

Beyond the Borders discovered the La Times article about Cyndi Smallwood, a landscaping contractor in Riverside, CA , was a propoganda piece for Smallwood's
lobbying firm, California Landscape Contractors Assoc.. The LA times story starts out like this;

Cyndi Smallwood is looking for a few strong men for her landscaping company. Guys with no fear of a hot sun, who can shovel dirt all day long. She'll pay as much as $34 an hour.

She can't find them.

Maybe potential employees don't know about her tiny Riverside firm. Maybe the problem is Southern California's solid economy and low unemployment rate. Or maybe manual labor is something that many Americans couldn't dream of doing.

"I'm baffled why more people do not apply," Smallwood says.

President Bush is not. In his speech to the nation Monday night, he referred to "jobs Americans are not doing," echoing a point he has been making for years. To fill these spurned jobs and keep the economy humming, Bush says, the U.S. needs a guest worker program.

Yes baffled. Baffled that anyone would beleive this story, Beyond Borders googled Smallwood's name and uncoved her motives in 30 seconds.

After searching for roughly 30 seconds, I also found an article on LandscapeOnline.com (Landscapers Lobby Senate on Immigration) that contains the following passage:

Cyndi Smallwood is another California Landscape Contractors Association member who traveled to Washington in March. Articulate and passionate, she found herself quoted in the Sacramento Bee, the Orange County Register and other news outlets.

“I was most shocked at the Republican Party being against small business,” she told the Bee. “They don’t get that there is a labor shortage.”

Smallwood operates Diversified Landscape Management in Mission Viejo, Calif.

Yet the Times claims that Smallwood is ambivilant on Immagration reform.

Smallwood is ambivalent on immigration reform, saying demands for immediate citizenship by those who entered the country illegally are offensive. But without a guest worker program, she says, her company probably will not survive.

"To get workers, you have to steal them from other companies," the 54-year-old entrepreneur says.

Even that has been unproductive recently. She'd ideally like to add eight employees by the end of the year to her current staff of 12.

So, clearly we must allow millions of illegal aliens accoss our borders every year so Smallwood can hire eight employees at the tune of $34 an hour. Beyond Borders also noted that Smallwood was featured in the Riverside Press-Enterprise and the Orange County Register. This brings up several questions, did the Times know Smallwood was a lobbyist? If so, why didn't they mention it?

Here's how I see it, contractors want to hire illegal aliens as cheaply as possible, and have an endless supply of deperate workers who can be disposed of , and replaced as easy as a trip to Home Depot. A commenter on Beyond Borders had this to say;

Laura Ingraham featured Ms Smallwood on her radio show today. In a about 30 seconds she had 3 people that were qualified, ready willing and able to go to work for her at the $34.00 an hour rate. In addition, Laura had 400 emails requesting a job from Ms Smallwood some willing to relocate from the east coast.

It's expensive to live in Southern California, where a modest home can run as much as $300,000. Perhaps we should all become landscapers.

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