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Friday, May 19, 2006

Weekly Friday Sermon from Iran - Love, Peace and Kindness

The weekly update to all things "peaceful" from Iran finds Tehran's substitute Friday prayers leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani frothing at the mouth and emitting his nations "peaceful" leanings.

Thanks to IRNA, some quotes from the leaden-winged doves of peace:

  • "US, especially CIA, and Zionists responsible for recent cold blood killings southeast of Iran, saying enemy has targeted the country's border security""The whole thing is planned in the disgraceful organisation, the CIA, and based on the difference between Shiites and Sunnis. They want to pit Shiites and Sunnis against each other as they did in Iraq"
  • "The enemies had since triumph of the (1979 Islamic) Revolution (in Iran) overwhelmed the (Iranian) society and the world atmosphere with propaganda in the one-side road of the world media; the world people, however, do not have a mere belief in their claims because they (the enemies) are separate from their people. These idiots have not identified Shiites and Sunnis well; True, Shiites and Sunnis have differences inside but they share a common culture for protection of Quran and religion and they are all united in their basics."
  • "Alike all its wrong doings, CIA has this time too given its money to a number of thieves and criminals to come to the road and kill a number of innocent people, thinking falsely that they had done an important task."
  • "In Iran where Jews and Christians have representative(s) and lead peaceful co-existence, the enemies have unjustifiably pinned their hopes on such measures. Those helping the bandits should know that they are indirectly the agents of CIA and Zionists and they cannot do a damn thing."
The imam of "peace" with regard to the last quote, called on Iranian officials, notably police, to be vigilant against such moves and instructed the judiciary to decide fate of the criminals in 24 hours without any prolongation, trial and clemency.

What has the world done all this time without the peaceful guidance of religious leaders like Kashani?

NOTE: The White Trash Republican reveals "History Repeating Itself" All Christians, Jews and other non-Muslims must now wear colored badges to identifiy them as such, in Iran.

And don't forget that the terrorist state of the United States should close it's "cruelty and torture" chambers.

Previous Friday prayer meetings May 5, 2006 and April 28, 2006. PBUH


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