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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

MinuteMen To Break Ground On Fence This Weekend

I wouldn't imagine the MinuteMen would hold off on their plans to build a fence/wall at the border. To do so based upon the word of a politician would be naive. It's along the lines of insisting on border enforcement first; we all know if we settle and allow for promises of enforcement later that we will never see enforcement.

Cross posted from Red Hot Cuppa Politics:

Despite President Bush's promise to (sort of) station the National Guard along the border, the MinuteMen will be breaking ground this weekend for their own fence.

From the MinuteMen headquarters website:

Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) will be conducting a weekend border operation in Palominas, AZ that includes a border watch, Minuteman Border Fence Ground Breaking and repair of existing fence on the US Mexico border

MCDC is moving forward with plans to build the Minuteman Border Fence. President Bush’s response will not secure the border and the ground breaking will be done on 5/27/2006 Memorial Day weekend in conjunction with the AZ Chapter Memorial weekend border watch operation. We have been working hard to put plans in place for this historic undertaking. Please read the following we have tried to include everything possible for questions about who, what, where and when below.

Many have talked of building a secure fence between Mexico and the United States. Now Chris Simcox and MCDC is taking action again and doing the job the Federal Government will not do.
Incidentally, the wall's to be built on private property. Some landowners on the Arizona border have permitted the MinuteMen to go ahead with plans to build it; I'm not sure the feds can do anything about it. The only question in my mind was whether the plans would go ahead, since Chris Simcox had said they'd start the wall on Memorial Day weekend unless President Bush put troops on the border.

Well, I guess Simcox assessed pretty correctly that the National Guard is an empty gesture.

Here's a schedule of events, and directions:


Ground Breaking:
Minuteman Volunteers will conduct a Minuteman Border Fence Ground Breaking Ceremony as well as build the initial 1/8 mile section of a 26 mile long range fence to local ranch requirements


Minuteman Border Fence Schedule:

Friday Evening 5/26 – Movie under the Stars in Tombstone, AZ
Cries from the Border. A powerful film documenting the destruction of one community in Arizona by the assault of the illegal alien invasion of the USA.
Director Mercedes Maharris will attend.
Open to the general public

Directions to Tombstone, AZ
From Tucson I-10 E via the ramp on the LEFT toward EL PASO. 38.3 miles , I-10-BL / AZ-80 exit- EXIT 303- toward BENSON / DOUGLAS. 0.5 miles, Stay STRAIGHT to go onto I-10 BL E / AZ-80 E / W 4TH ST. Continue to follow AZ-80 E. 25.4 miles, Turn RIGHT onto 3RD ST. 0.1 miles Turn LEFT onto TOUGHNUT ST. <0.1>

5/27 – Registered Minuteman Volunteers Only.

7 AM – 9 AM – All registered participants check in at the Palominas Trading Post and will be escorted to the ranch after check in.

10 AM – Noon - Groundbreaking Ceremony – includes MCDC volunteers and guests installing new fence and base poles for a 150’ security fence model Master of Ceremony - Stacey O’Connell (MCDC) MCDC Speakers – Chris Simcox President Carmen Mercer, Vice President Al Garza, Executive Director Additional Guest Speakers - Colin Hanna – President, WeNeedaFence.com Don Goldwater - A Minuteman and Candidate for AZ Governor Steve King – US Congressman, Iowa 5 th District Ambassador Alan Keyes – Chairman Declaration Alliance

12 Noon - Lunch provided at the border

1-3 PM – Continue to install new fence

Some numbers: Over 1021 people have signed up to volunteer to build the Minuteman Border Fence. More than $225,000 has been donated to a dedicated Minuteman Border Fence fund. National talk radio shows and local talk radio shows are promoting the fence. We are planning to raise $10M for the next phase of the fence. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps welcomes all those who want to secure America as it leads the way with a bold initiative. One operation alone cannot secure the Border

Click here to donate, and click here to volunteer to build the fence. Note that for security reasons, only MM volunteers will be allowed to work on the fence.

Check the CoalitionBlog for the latest on illegal immigration reform. Pet's Garden is running a rant about the law, or lack of it. DoubleBarrelled Opinions is posting the requirements for an American who wants to move to Mexico (to do work Mexicans won't do, no doubt) and at the bottom, there's a link where you can contact your elected officials. Valgerd's highlighting a reader who's had some bureaucratic problems with the INS. And, notice that the list of members in our little group's getting longer ...

UPDATE: Brian posted a list of Senate Gerbils to contact regarding the illegal immigration reform pork sausage patty they're cooking up in the Senate:

shelby al
mcconnell ky
bond mo
stabenow mi
sununu nh
demenici nm
conrad nd
dorgan nd
alexander tn
frist tn
murkowski ak
stevens ak
lincoln ar
pryor ar
nelson fl
dayton mn
bacus mt
vionovich oh
johnson sd
warner wv
rockefeller wv

If you're from any of those states, please contact your elected officials, and let them know precisely what you think. Be sure to give your name and address so that you will be taken seriously when contacting your elected officials.Click Here to Contact Your Elected Officials.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at which level you would like to participate.**


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