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Monday, May 08, 2006

Outrage over immigrant protests doesn't add up

Uh...it was my understanding..there would be no math...

Americans have invited them in by declining to enforce our laws and providing them with ample employment opportunities - Steve Chapman
I found this OpEd piece (literally), by Steve Chapman over at the Baltimore Sun and am struck by the avoidance of concerns that are more difficult for him to argue against. Tancredo, Lott and Buchanan are his poster children; like I said easy fodder.

Gee, the majority of the flags in the last protest in Chicago were U.S., by at least a ratio of 5 to 1. That's right Steverino the mass of foreign flags didn't fly to well with previous protests, or have you forgotten. No, he hasn't forgotten, it just doesn't flow as well with his point.

According to Chapman:
The complaint about "foreign flags" is especially nervy coming from Mr. Lott, who as a cheerleader at the University of Mississippi used to carry a Confederate battle flag onto the football field. Unlike the architects of the Confederacy, those people waving flags from Mexico or Honduras never tried to tear this country asunder.
I'm wondering what his point is here? It is also the case to Chapman, that "Conservatives" defend the Confederate flag. So, you will never hear a Liberal or any other stripe of political ideology defend it. But this does make it easier to defend ALL those that have entered the country as "law abiding."
The closed-border crowd thinks those who violate immigration rules represent a danger to law and order. But the opposite is true: Latino immigrants are more law-abiding and less inclined to criminality than native-born Americans.
Yes, Steve, it is an emotional issue and thankfully so. Using the logic of Mr. Chapman we shouldn't gripe and should allow them all amnesty; seeing that we "invited" them in by "declining to enforce" our laws in the first place.

I wonder if it occurred to Chapman that perhaps we want the wall built so that people don't get the impression that we are inviting them in illegally.

From the Baltimore Sun:
The immigration protests held across the country last Monday serve as a perfect Rorschach test: What reaction did you have to the sight of hundreds of thousands of immigrants marching down American streets, calling on Congress to accommodate them? Dismay? Ambivalence? Admiration?

A lot of political debates turn on facts and arguments. This one is mostly a matter of competing emotions.

Among many conservatives, the emotion is outrage. Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi said the protests "make me mad." Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado fumed, "All these folks that are here illegally know they can protest brazenly."

Mr. Tancredo is one of the prime supporters of a bill passed last year by the House that would criminalize being in this country without authorization, erect a 700-mile fence along the U.S.-Mexico border and bar illegal immigrants already here from gaining legal status. That bill, more than anything else, is what has brought so many immigrants into the streets to demonstrate - which seems only to harden the views of the hard-liners.


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