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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ramsey Clark assails Iraqi trial of Saddam Hussein

A mind is a wonderful thing to wasteAccording to Reuters:

Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, a member of Saddam Hussein's defense team, on Tuesday said the former Iraqi president's trial was a sham designed to justify the U.S.-led invasion.

Saddam's trial on charges of crimes against humanity was "a direct threat to international law, the United Nations, universal human rights and world peace," Clark said at a news conference. He demanded that proceedings be transferred from the Iraqi Special Tribunal to a new court that could work independently, free of prejudice.

Ramsey Clark is a disgrace to this country and should be ashamed of himself. To that remark, alot of loonies will say that I just don't agree with what he says about the Bush administration and that I am just defending it. Stop it and get off that horse.

Perhaps Clark would say he is just defending someone that deserves to be defended and that this someone should be defended based upon that countrys laws. In the world of Hussein, there are laws on the books and then there is the law of Hussein; this seems to be the piece of the puzzle that Clark wishes to ignore as is evident in the quote below.

More from Reuters:

Saddam and seven others are on trial for the executions of 148 people in Dujail in 1982 following a failed assassination attempt. Clark said those executed had signed confessions and under Iraqi law, the death penalty was mandatory for treason.

"It is common for the law to require the highest official of a state to approve and sign death warrants. George W. Bush signed 152 such warrants as governor of Texas," he said.
Those on the Left would read this and see nothing odd about it, as they view Bush as the biggest terrorist of them all. In our country often times confessions are considered coerced or done under duress so they are thrown out. I have little doubt Hussein et al made use of a little arm twisting to put it lightly.

Ramsey Clark's morally relativistic worldview just doesn't cut it.


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