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Friday, May 19, 2006

Some of Them "Get" It, Some Don't

Recently Ernest-Antoine Seilliure, a French steel business leader gave the opening address at a meeting of European business leaders. He chose to give the address in English. French president Jacques Chirac was present and interrupted, asking why he had chosen English. Seilliure said, “I’m going to speak in English because that is the language of business."

Chirac stomped out.

Too bad it's not our national language or at least given the respect as though it was.

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Bloomberg.com | Senate Votes
to Make English the `National Language' of U.S.
May 18 (Bloomberg) -- The Senate voted to make English the ``national
language'' of the U.S. as part of legislation overhauling immigration policy.

The measure, approved by a vote of 63-34, directs the government to ``preserve and enhance'' the role of English, without altering current laws that require some government documents and services be provided in other languages.

``I don't see how you can unify the United States of America unless we have a national language,'' Tennessee Republican Lamar Alexander said. ``English is part of our national identity. It's part of our spirit. It's part of our blood. It's part of who we are.''

Then you have the idiots like Sen. Turban Durbin :
The amendment would create ``an obstacle for those who are trying to
achieve public safety and public health,'' said Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin. ``Why do we need to do this?''
How does being able to read a road sign "create an obstacle"? It enhances safety, and to claim anything else is ludicrous. But then again, nobody has claimed recently the Democrats are smart :
Democrat Ken Salazar of Colorado offered a competing amendment that
would make English the ``common and unifying language of America.'' He said Inhofe's proposal would ``create division within the country'' by addressing ``a problem that does not exist.''
People not being able to speak English certainly is a problem. Then again, no condition is too severe for Democrats to act as apologists over it. Remember : these are the people who want you to put them back in power this fall.
Supporters of today's amendment said undocumented immigrants should be allowed to ``self-petition'' for legal status so they couldn't be possibly kept in limbo by unscrupulous employers.

``The issue of not having the immigrant subject to the control of the employer is an important one to see to that the immigrant is treated fairly,'' Republican Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania said.
Then again, we don't need Republicans like Specter, either.

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