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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sound And Fury -- Signifying, uh, Something ...

This from Red Hot Cup...oddly enough things didn't go as organizers planned.

Cross posted from Red Hot Cuppa Politics:

Well, there was alot of sound and fury Monday ... but the significance seems to be a mixed bag.

From the NYT's, today:

WASHINGTON, May 2 — The nascent immigrant rights movement showed on Monday that it could build an organization, mobilize hundreds of thousands of people across the country and wield economic power.

But the protesters do not appear to have achieved their primary goal: changing votes in Congress. And some critics say the demonstration may have generated a backlash, hardening positions on Capitol Hill....

"This was a one-day deal," said Randel Johnson, vice president of the United States Chamber of Congress, which supports bills to legalize immigrants. "If immigrants decided to abandon their jobs for two weeks, that would definitely have an impact." (oh, now, there's a grand idea, which would probably prove that the US does just fine without immigrant labor for a more extended period than just one day -- FB)
We watched "A Day Without A Mexican" a year or so ago. I enjoyed it -- not because I patronize Mexican illegals -- but because I thought the movie's view of clueless Californians was a hoot.

Not much of a stir here in my little Texas town Monday. I did know one immigrant citizen who decided to take the day off of work to show solidarity, but managed to drive his daugher to daycare. Instructive.

The NYT's points out that the messages are a little mixed. "I have a great respect for a lot of the people that did the protesting, but I think their message is all confused," said Senator Pete V. Domenici, Republican of New Mexico ...

Well, gee, maybe the message is all confused because most major media outlets don't know how to report it! What we've been seeing is a bunch of headlines about "immigrant" rights, which is wrong; illegal immigration is the issue. Legal immigrants have the same rights and priviledges as the rest of American citizens.

But, kind of like the "domestic wiretapping scandal," and how Dubai plotted to buy US ports (neither of which was true), most of the headlines consistently lie about the border issue. The wiretapping wasn't "domestic," it's not really wiretapping, and it's not illegal. The DPW bid for the rights for "steveadorage" at certain US ports; there was no bid to buy the ports. And the issue isn't with immigrants, it's with illegals entering our country unopposed, with no hope of deporting them.

Journalists are trained to present the truth, but somehow, the mainstream elites just aren't doing it. I guess their greater need is to believe that they are somehow superior to their readers (that's you and me, folks).

By presenting the border issue as "immigrant" rights, reporters and their editors get to bash the unwashed American public for being bigoted, and ignorant. Which is what they want to believe.

The other great desire, of course, on the part of every mainstream reporter is to playlike it's Watergate. In the absense of documentation and hard facts, they publish outright lies (like the Koran flushing incident) and innuendo's.

By the way, if you'd like to see some facts about US illegal immigrant farm labor, here's a link to frickin' Al Jazeera, which does manage to express facts about illegal farm immigrant labor halfway down the article. They hate us -- but have not yet learned to treat the American public like we're stupid.

Propaganda works though. Check the latest polls -- although to be fair, Republican leaders have joined in their own demise, by shooting themselves in the foot. Both foots.

Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest on Illegal Immigration Reform. Blogmeister, who works in Midtown NYC, says there was very little was very little disruption, there's also a link to some instructive photo's on MichelleMalkin's site. Dmaestro posts Tancredo's vision of a day without an illegal immigrant (!) Brian presents a La Raza list of NCLR's Corporate sponsors. Finally, there's a nice run-down of the significance of May Day to communists posted on RightTruth.

(photo from NYT's, title link)

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.**


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