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Thursday, May 11, 2006

UN Human Rights Council - New Name Same Game

Most news outlets indicated that there were more strigent qualifications for elections to the council replacing the Human Rights Commission, which was a misnomer.

The LA Times (article via Sfgate.com) chose the moment to use a little moral relativism with:

The United States decided not to run for a seat after voting against creation of the council because it believed the body needed stronger barriers to keep human rights abusers from gaining a place.

Critics have suggested that the United States might not have won a seat at all in a year when it is under investigation by the U.N. body for its treatment of prisoners in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo.
The NY Times headlined with:
New UN Rights Group Includes Six Nations With Poor Records
ABC News went with:
Cuba, Saudis, China on Rights Council
Brett D. Schaefer via NRO went with an analytical approach and the most appropriate headline:
Human Rights Redux

ppalled by the ineffectiveness of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, which had been used by human-rights abusers to shield themselves from scrutiny or sanction, the United States last year led an effort to replace the discredited Commission with a new Human Rights Council (HRC). Sadly, negotiations in the United Nations over the new HRC resulted in a disappointing body that failed to adopt any meaningful criteria for membership and left the body vulnerable to the same manipulation by human-rights abusers that plague the old Commission.

No wonder we cannot count on the UN with Iran, but did we truly believe we could?


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