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Thursday, May 11, 2006

ElBaradei urges compromise in Iran nuclear row

(Israel is) "a tyrannical regime that will one day be destroyed" - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad May 10, 2006
Hey, hey, hey, Mohamed ElBaradei top dog of the IAEA praised the recent moves to avoid sanctions agains Iran regarding its pursuit of "nukes" for peaceful purposes.

According to Reuters El Baradei was:
pleased the U.N. Security Council was holding off from sanctions against Iran as Europeans work on a package of benefits to induce Tehran to cooperate.
That's all we are, "friends with benefits." Iran wants nukes and will have them but, in the process they will also receive all sorts of extras to boot.

El Baradei also said:

I'm very optimistic. I hope both sides will move away from the war of words, I hope the pitch will go down, I hope people will adopt a cool-headed approach. We need compromises from both sides. I hope that at this stage we will use more carrots before we think of using sticks. It is a very good idea that the Security Council is holding its horses.

Pitch, cool heads, carrots, sticks, horses and all the kings men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

The horses are held not for reasons of keeping the peace, but because of the economic concerns of Iranian business partners China and Russia.

El Baraei's hopes of moving away "from the war of words" speaks volumes about the standard operating procedure of the IAEA and UN. While being overly concerned with the words and the offense that can be derived from them; actions are still taking place. As diplomats muddle through, Iran continues its pursuits.

I'm not sure what all this talk of the Security Council is, as Iran (kind of) backed by Russia has stated that it should only deal with the IAEA rather than palming it off on the Council. Russian President Putin has said, "we think that the IAEA must continue to play a major, key role and it must not shrug off its responsibilities to resolve such questions and shift them onto the U.N. Security Council." By this logic, palming it off of the Council is appropriate? Hmmmm. Kofi agrees in diploma"tease".

Where is Ahmadinejad in all this at the moment? Well Reuters says:

Ahmadinejad was "ready to engage in dialogue with anybody."

Again, this a somewhat confusing response considering it was Hassan Rohani who seemed interested in dialogue with "anybody" with his letter to Time.

Further and of import to Reuters:
He was responding to a question on a letter he sent to President Bush this week, the first by an Iranian president to his U.S. counterpart since Washington cut ties with Iran in 1980 following Iran's 1979 revolution.
I guess Ahmadinejad is just a man of peace to Reuters and it was Washington the "cut ties" for some reason.

About the only thing that El Baradei has said that holds logic is, '"Iran owes it to the international community to make sure that its program is exclusively for peaceful purposes. They have work to do with (the) IAEA to clarify outstanding issues. They have confidence building measures to take."'

It's not getting any prettier.


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