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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The UN - Not a Penny More from the U.S.

22% of the U.N.s budget comes from the U.S. taxpayer. It was nice of us a while back to bring our dues up to date, but it's time once again to say "Nuts."

From Anne Bayefsky writing at NRO, comes "U.N.reformed":

Ambassador John Bolton will appear before the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations Thursday morning to be asked the $64,000 question: Following years of death-defying scandals, has the U.N. reformed? The answer will leave Congress with the follow-up: If not, what ought to be the consequences for U.S. financial contributions to the failing organization?

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has headed the U.N. through years of controversy that have made their way into the consciousness of the average American taxpayer, who is, after all, paying for 22 percent of the skullduggery. The dullness of the average U.N. meeting has finally been outweighed by the enormity of the transgressions: billions of dollars stolen by Saddam Hussein through a U.N.-monitored scheme; U.N. peacekeepers that raped their wards; genocide that wasn’t stopped, or even named, by an organization premised on “never again”; nuclear weapons proliferation with impunity; human rights thugs on its lead human-rights body; grossly inadequate financial management and oversight; a bloated secretariat rife with duplication of mandates and responsibilities.

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