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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Colorado Gov to call special legislative session on immigration

Morning Coffee has been up and running this morning and offers up followup news to two CAII posts from yesterday.

I wonder how "barring" and "cracking down" differ?

Cross posted from Morning Coffee:

This is a followup on Two previous CAII posts Colorado Supreme Court Won't Allow Illegal Immigrant Measure on Ballot, and Hart joins Peña in battle (supporting persons residing unlawfully).

From The Colorado Springs Gazette

DENVER - Gov. Bill Owens will call a special session of the Legislature to deal with illegal immigration, including a proposal by ballot initiative proponents for a compromise based on a law passed by the Georgia Legislature, Owens' spokesman Dan Hopkins said Tuesday.

"The agenda will include the compromise proposal by Defend Colorado Now as well as other significant immigration related issues," Hopkins said.

Hopkins said Owens will announce details of his agenda at a news conference today.

The compromise was announced a day after the state Supreme Court said it wouldn't reconsider its decision blocking an immigration proposal from November's ballot and shortly after groups on opposite sides of the immigration debate said they reached a compromise. That solution, modeled on the Georgia law, cracks down on employers who hire illegal workers and illegal immigrants trying to get public assistance.

The ballot proposal would have barred illegal immigrants from getting nonemergency state services; the state would still have to provide schooling and emergency medical care under federal law.

The original proposal required employers in the state to participate in the Basic Pilot Program. Participation in the program nationwide is now voluntary. Dunkin Donuts recently made national headlines by requireing all of its franchises to participate in the program. Manditory participation in the program is included in both the House and Senate version of the Immigration bill before congress.

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