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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Electric fences keep out illegal aliens

To quote Debbie from the post below:

I know what the 'open borders' groups will be saying. These electric fences are 'not humane', 'cruel and unusual', and then they will bring out the 'racist card.'
The above, is without a doubt the reaction the groups will have. To turn it around back on them, one must mirror their logic back on them with, "the racist card cannot be used in this instance as electricity cares not one iota about the racial make up or species of its victim; it just does what it does."

Ranchers, like our country should not be allowed to protect its interests - odd, isn't it?

Cross posted from Right Truth:

Ranchers in Texas build fences to keep their cattle from wandering onto their neighbors land. Illegal aliens come across the border with wire cutters ready to snip the wire fences and come into America, thus allowing cattle to escape. Ranchers are beginning to add electric 'fencers' which can add 240 volts of electricity to the wire fences ... a good way to deter illegal aliens criminal invaders from crossing their property. I think this is a wonderful idea and am amazed no one thought of it before now. Of course the ACLU and others will probably have a hissy fit when they find out. (via Fox News Channel).

I know what the 'open borders' groups will be saying. These electric fences are 'not humane', 'cruel and unusual', and then they will bring out the 'racist card'. How about we consider the situation of these legal ranchers, just trying to protect their property and the property
of their neighbors? No one seems to be considering their plight. Do they consider the cost of a single cow or bull or the damage one of those animals can do to property? What if one of these animals gets out onto a road, and is accidentally hit by a moving vehicle? Lives could be lost and the ranchers would be legally liable.

I think landowners should be able to do anything they can to protect their investments, within the law of course.

What is our congress doing? They are debating video games and whether to cut and run out of Iraq. Oh, and they gave themselves a raise in salary.

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