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Thursday, June 22, 2006

No Fingerprint Check for Illegal Alien Childcare Volunteers

One step forward, two steps back. It seems that whenever a rule or law is enacted to protect one segment of society, someone will always balk or refuse for the sake of another segment of society; even if one segment is not here legally. What is wrong with people?

According to the LA Times:

Not wanting to lose illegal immigrant volunteers, the Los Angeles and Orange Roman Catholic dioceses have quietly backed away from a pledge to root out pedophiles by running fingerprint background checks on anyone who works with children.
If you are here illegally and therefore do not have a government picture ID, the Dioceses:
allows church volunteer candidates without government-issue identification to give instead a sworn affidavit stating that they have not been convicted of any crime. In Orange, potential volunteers without photo IDs can submit a sworn affidavit and two letters of reference attesting to their character.
Well, that solves it, doesn't it.

Is it ok if the two letters are from some of my "illegal" friends? Is this fair to pedophiles that are here legally?

According to Rita Milla, spokeswoman for the Los Angeles-area Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests:
They are just trying to be too politically correct, even though it means putting the kids at risk. If someone can't prove who they are, they shouldn't be volunteering.
Sorry Rita, I guess that's just not good enough - anyone should be able to volunteer. Perhaps we could save alot of taxpayer money on this silly border fence/wall/enforcement thingee and accept sworn affadavits and letters of character reference?

I can understand the need for a volunteer pool, but like others that insist on enforcement of our laws, skirting additional laws/requirements is just not going to cut it. I am blown away that they could be this stupid.

For the entire article at the LA Times, click here.

Update: NeoCon Command Center has a few choice words for this betrayal of our children.

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