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Monday, July 10, 2006

Chambliss, tag illegal hiring --- not citizenship

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article describing the hypocrisy of Saxby Chambliss of Georgia.

This article has it's merits as far as two-faced political stances are concerned, but it loses me when those in favor of stronger/stiffer illegal immigration reform are labled as "ultra-conservative."

According to author Cynthia Tucker of the AJC:

Here's the secret: Chambliss and his ilk know they can gain a few points with their ultraconservative base by playing to its nativism.

Is that what it all really boils down to? Only the "ultraconservative base" is interested in taking a tough stance on immigration?

Tucker attacks the tactics of Chambliss, yet the tactics of Chambliss are the tactics of politicians; especially with regard to immigration. We've been screaming about immigration reform, when what really needs reforming is the enforcement of the laws already on the books. This is neither Republican nor Democrat; this is politics as usual, yet people like Tucker are going to make it a battle of good against evil. Guess who plays the role of "evil," yup...us "ultraconservatives."

According the AJC it's a conspiracy (my choice of words):

Many will remain here, desperate for any work they can get. They won't be in a position to protest low wages or unsafe working conditions. They'll remain available to farmers and poultry processors and construction contractors. And to upper-middle-class couples who need nannies and cooks and lawn care.

Then there is also the inherent racism of us whites:

targeting illegal workers while protecting illegal hiring --- is aided and abetted by constituents who find it easier to blame darker-skinned Latinos than white business owners.

I would think that most of us take what our politicians say with a grain of salt, so it would be nice if we could get a more honest view the media that claims to hold the highground on truth.

I'm fully aware of Chambliss wanting it both ways, but it isn't, as I said something that isn't on the books already. Bottom line, if we were allowed to actually do something about this issue without being labled as "insensitive," or "racist," but that isn't going to happen, because even people without legal rights, have rights.

Finally, according to Ms. Tucker of the AJC:

If Chambliss & Co. really wanted to stanch the flow of undocumented workers, that would be easy enough to do. We wouldn't have to build a a single mile of fence or hire even one more Border Patrol agent. If Congress cracked down on illegal hiring --- passing a tough law that sent a few criminal employers to jail --- the practice would end. The waves of illegal immigrants would dry up. If they couldn't get work, they wouldn't come.

See how easy it would be?

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