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Friday, July 14, 2006

Tarrant County League Of Women Voter Advocates Free Healthcare For Illegals

STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cross posted from Red Hot Cuppa Politics:

So, while some Dallas hospitals are asking Mexico to reimburse them for massive expenses incurred for the medical care of illegal immigrants -- the Tarrant County League of Women Voters wants to expand healthcare to illegal immigrants.

From Ft. Worth Telegram, StetsonTip Joe:

The Tarrant County League of Women Voters is joining another political advocacy group's campaign to expand publicly funded healthcare to illegal immigrants through JPS Health Network clinics.

The group is expected to ask the Tarrant County Hospital District board today to reverse its position on charity care for illegal immigrants at JPS clinics. The board could consider the request at its August meeting.

The board voted in 2004 to restrict charity care to legal residents of Tarrant County. Illegal immigrants can still access JPS clinics if they have health insurance or if they pay cash for services.

"I think the public needs to be aware that JPS is a public hospital district, and there is a mission to the poor and low-income residents of Tarrant County," said Charlotte Hyams, first vice president of the Tarrant County League of Women Voters. "We believe that JPS' mission is to provide healthcare for the indigent, including the undocumented immigrants who live here."
Under federal law, no patient can be denied treatment in an emergency room.

The JPS board voted 6-4 to prevent illegal immigrants from utilizing the network's charity program, Connection, following an opinion issued by the Texas attorney general that leaves the decision up to hospital districts whether to extend such programs to noncitizens...

Although the issue is not on today's hospital board agenda, members of
Allied Communities of Tarrant and the Tarrant County League of Women Voters said they will ask the board to vote on the policy at the August meeting

A.C.T. is a coalition of church leaders. Their home page bids you "Welcome!" Or "Bienvenedo!"

The national League of Women Voters is co-ordinating with Telemundo to get out the Hispanic vote in the Tu Voto, Tu Voz campaign. It's not necessarily a bad thing, as long as residency is a requirement for voting, unfortunately while they're supporting election reform particularly in Ohio, I don't see any provision on their website to actually check to make sure the voter's a resident of the district. They also oppose the Patriot Act and drilling in ANWR, without publishing differing opinions.

Like many other organizations, looks to me like the LWM's fallen a long way from it's distinguished roots.

For the latest and freshest in illegal immigration reform, click to the CoalitionBlog. DeMediacratic Nation posts an excellent article on green card scams, pointing out again that the US media does not get the diff between immigrant, and illegal immigrant. Morning Coffee notes an effort by John Cornyn to end "catch and release" -- which Harry Reid's already opposing, with a point of order (which will mean it doesn't even get debated). The Uncooperative Blogger has a round-up of Colorado's new immigration bill, some recommendations for President Bush, and a synopsis of Karl Rove's (unfotunate) remark's to La Raza. Tom considers the importance of speaking a common operational language -- and while you're there, check out Tom's take on how Walmart hates America. (Good reading.)

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