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Friday, July 14, 2006

Border Fence Funding....NOT!!!

And our elected representatives are going to push through effective "comprehensive" reform? No wonder Liberals can't stand reality....

Two posts regarding this travesty from members of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration. One from CommonSenseAmerica - Senate Fails the "Sessions" Test and Morning Coffee with Senate Rejects funding for Border Fence (Roll Call Votes included).

Crossposted from Morning Coffee:

The past few weeks the Senate seemed to be moving closer to the House bill on Immigration and Border Security. That sadly, is not reality. Yesterday the Senate voted to kill an amendment to fund the border fence by a vote of 71 - 29. I guess many of these Senators took lessons From Hanoi John Kerry... I voted for the Wall before I voted against it.
Keep reading here....

Crossposted from CommonSenseAmerica:

Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama harshly admonished members of the Senate yesterday telling them that the amendment he offered to fund the fence at our southern border, as agreed to in the Senate, should not be rejected.

Get the rest of the travesty here....

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