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Friday, July 14, 2006

Weekly Friday Sermon from Iran - Praise Hizbollah

This weeks love-fest finds Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani calling on world Muslims and oppressed to support Hizbollah in Lebenon.

Substitute Friday prayers leader of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad Emami-Kashani IRNA:

God Almighty in Holy Quran labels aggression as something bad and condemns it. God does not like the aggressor. God says, however, if someone attacks you, you will have the right to launch counter- attack.
These types always have difficulty with the horse before the cart thing with actions by their kind and response from those attacked as chicken before the egg or vice versa. These guys never do anything wrong, so of course the logic follows that everything against them is an uninstigated attack upon them. But of course we know better as Charles Krauthammer describes this morning at Wapo.

"President" of the Islamic Republic said of the Israeli action:
If the Zionist regime attacks Syria, it will have to suffer a crushing response.
Bouncing around the site:
Criticizing the international communities for their silence over the recent regional crisis, Ahmadinejad expressed his deep concerns over the brutal attacks of the Zionist militants on the Palestinian and Lebanese settlements in which civilians, especially women and children, were killed in cold blood.
Ahmadinejad met with Syria's Assad with Assad holds (Assad as you may remember bet on the Hussein horse in Iraq, he obviously doesn't know a winner when he sees one):
the Zionist regime responsible for the crisis and violation of the year-long ceasefire in the occupied Palestine and attacking the Gaza Strip
Ahmadinejad said:
the Zionist regime arrests and tortures defenseless people adding the powers, who claim to support democracy, independence and sovereignty are undermining all these cases in Lebanon and Palestine.
Russian President Vladimir Putin believes the distraction in Lebanon from Iran's "peaceful nukes" should be observed:
We think that we have worked out a good common mechanism for such sensitive questions of the international situation which includes also the Iranian nuclear program
Are we witnessing more examples of Ahmadinejad seeing himself as the Mahdaviat; is this just another page in the Inkquisition?

Only time and not allowing the Left and msm their doing the usual historical rewrite will tell.


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