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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Church shelters ILLEGAL immigrant

Update: Luis Gutierrez has sent a letter to President Bush urging:

him to intervene on behalf of Elvira Arellano. Gutierrez details Arellano’s son Saul’s Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and his need for continuing medical and counseling services.
Also in the letter is the request to:
“allow the legislation I introduced the opportunity to be addressed before you take action to deport this outstanding woman.”
Boy, wouldn't that open up the flood gates of "if for her, why not others..." It just so happens that Eric Zorn at the Chicago Tribune blog has posted something somewhat along those lines..."Happy Martyr's Day"....

END OF UPDATE (can't wait till they nab her).
Interesting story here. The Chicago Sun-Times has a story about (illegal) "immigrant" and immigration activist, Elivira Arellano. It appears the Federal government is about to deport her, but she has taken refuge in her local church, thanks to the Reverend Walter "Slim" Coleman and minister at Adalberto United Methodist Church.

The headline and opening paragraph to the don't give the slightest clue she is illegally here:
Immigration activist Elvira Arellano sought refuge Tuesday in a small storefront church, just blocks from her apartment, hoping that the sanctity of a holy place would shield her from deportation.
Quoting from the Chicago Sun-Times, Arellano vowed to take a stand:
"I'm strong, I've learned from Rosa Parks -- I'm not going to go to the back of the bus. The law is wrong."

"We'll stay here as long as necessary, until Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Dick Durbin introduce my private bill and approve my extension."
The staffs of both senators said that the only solution to Ms. Arellano' s problem is.....get ready.....here we go.....COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM. If you were hoping for the article to describe what this "private bill" is that she is referring to.....TOUGH PATOOTIES!

For those that didn't know (I would qualify as "one of those"), up until two years ago, Arellano was a butt-busting "taxpaying" airline cleaner. She even fought for better working conditions for she and co-workers. But, one day the evil Feds came in and took her away as one of 350 Justice Department from 13 different airports.

Fortunately for her, a caring, strong hearted senator and congressman from Illinois, (if I'm not mistaken one of the culprits was Dickie D. Durbin with the other identified as Luis Gutierrez), temporarily stayed her deportation. Odd that both politicians are Democrats.

As she awaits the possible visit to the church from Federal authorities Arellano stated:
"If they come for me in this place they'll have to face God. We have video cameras and we'll show how the federals violate the house of God."
"They'll have to face God?" For one thing, that's right up there with the earlier Rosa Parks statement and two God shouldn't need to view the video recordings; although my guess is Dickie D., Barrack "Bam Bam" Obama and the msm will be interested. Hmmmm, I wonder if that's what she meant.

May this ludicrousness hamper the bizarre stance she is taking as well as that of the pro-illegal immigration groups and gets the American public up the *sses of the politicians in Washington and makes them fix this system once and for all.

Before you go on your merry way, check out the latest posted today from The CAII's Red Hot Cuppa Politics with "AMLO Threatens Siege If Calderon Wins...."

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