"How did it come to pass that an opposition's measure of a president's foreign policy was all or nothing, success or "failure"? The answer is that the political absolutism now normal in Washington arrived at the moment--Nov. 7, 2000--that our politics subordinated even a war against terror to seizing the office of the presidency." - Daniel Henninger - WSJ 11/18/05
"the slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts." - George Orwell

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature

Leave it to the NY Times to tout Hezbollah and it's social services/activities. One angle the Times doesn't really like to get into too much is the more familiar "social service" that Hezbollah provides; that being the destruction of Israel.

Wouldn't it be nice to have heard anything positive from the Times during Katrina (you know some things went right), but no, that would be too "pro" toward the present administration. Or perhaps a story or two (in all fairness, I'm sure they've done one or two) regarding the positive "social services" provided by our military in Iraq - you know, building schools, that type of thing.

No, no, no....sorry, that might give the wrong impression and of course the Times wouldn't want to lead the American public astray as they did in the run-up to going into Iraq. Honest, caring, non-biased sorts that they are, they did apologize to us for their part.

Check out Diane West's post at Michelle Malkin this morning....'Hezbollah's "social services" and the NYT social disservices.'


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