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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Illegal Immigration: Groups Sue Cities Daring To Stand For The Rule of Law

Well, leave it to CommonSenseAmerica to post regarding, oddly enough, common sense. Although, it's not all that common to many, especially the "pro-illegal" immigration groups in this country

Cross posted from CommonSenseAmerica:

Just when you think logic cannot be twisted any further, cities that have implemented their own illegal immigration legislation now face lawsuits.

Why are the pro-illegal activists so quickly challenging these small communities?

Because it's working!

The Boston Globe reports:

Since July, when the city of Hazleton, Pa., passed an ordinance aimed at making it "one the most difficult places in the America for illegal immigrants," dozens of other communities have picked up on the idea, saying local governments must find ways to expel illegal immigrants.

Already, laws have passed in a handful of places: In Valley Park, Mo., population 6,518, landlords over the weekend began evicting tenants who are not legal citizens. In Riverside, N.J., families departed so quickly that they left piles of mattresses behind.

Our Senate should take a hint that enforcing our current immigration laws will ultimately result in attrition through enforcement. While pro-illegal pinheads spout that mass deportation is "unrealistic", enforcement of our immigration laws is not only realistic but expected by the American people........


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