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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mexico's Second Largest Import ....

Investing in the U.S. is always a good investment.....

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When Mexican immigrants (legal or not) come to the US, they send money back home. That money has become increasingly important to Mexico's economy:

From a recently released Oaxacan Study, reported by MarkInMexico:

The Oaxacan Institute for Migrant Services (IOAM) announced that, through June, the amount of money that has been sent back from the United States to the state of Oaxaca is $585 million USD, an increase of 23 percent over last year. The IOAM says that this places the state of Oaxaca in eighth place nationally. The top three states in receipt of remissions from the United States are Michoacan, Jalisco and Guanajuato. The total remissions received in the country, through June, were $11.425 billion USD, an overall increase of 18 percent.

These remissions, or cash sent back home by immigrants living in the United States, represent the second most important source of foreign funds arriving in Mexico. Oil exports are number one, direct foreign investment is number three and tourism is number four.

The IOAM says that the lion's share of this money is used for living expenses by family members still stuck in Mexico. A much lesser pecentage is used to acquire homes and an even smaller percentage, one that fluctuates between only 2 and 8 percent, is directly invested in business here. The IOAM said that it is seeking ways to help divert more of that incoming cash into direct investment so that people don't depend so much on the remissions for their living expenses
So, I guess you could say that US dollars generated by immigrant labor is their second biggest import.

Meanwhile, looks like police in Mexico City had to break up some of the on-going protests over the election results. From MercuryNews:
MEXICO CITY -- For the first time since Mexico's contentious July 2 presidential election, federal police on Monday used tear gas and truncheons to break up a demonstration by supporters of leftist presidential challenger Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Among those beaten were as many as 15 federal legislators and legislators-elect from Lopez Obrador's Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, who were blocking the entrance to the headquarters of the nation's congress, the Chamber of Deputies
Mark also confirms that there was a riot-related death over the weekend in Oaxaca:
It now appears that, as the marchers passed a house which was being used as a warehouse for a nearby medical clinic, rocks were thrown at the marchers from the house. As a group of marchers approached the house, gunfire rang out. A marcher, a mechanic and husband of a striking teacher, fell mortally wounded with a bullet in the heart Several other protesters were wounded, although none seriously.

The marchers stormed the house where they took 4 men prisoner. They detained another man at a house next door. They then set fire to the medical supplies inside the house, burned several cars outside including an ambulance that belonged to the clinic and burned another city bus.

In a related note, the state's attorney general called in the rector of Benito Juárez University to demand to know why university security had allowed the takeover of the university's radio station as well as the torching of hijacked buses on university property. If the full power of city and state police can't maintain security, I don't know how the authorities can expect the overwhelmed university security staff to do it
I don't understand it, either, but I suspect that periodic political instability and rampant corruption is probably what's driving people out of this resource-rich country to find jobs in the USA.

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