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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

California Bill Would Tell Illegals Aliens OK to Drive without License

This is a brain-twister for those logically grounded. Previously, CAII has posted along this subject with: CA - Perata calls bill's opponents 'crackers' and Driving is a privilege, not a right.

Today, we bring you yet more of the logic defying legislation from the Left Coast.

Cross posted from The Uncooperative Blogger:

From Pasadena Star News:

THE state Senate already has voted 25 to 14 to create a special exemption in state law that would reduce the mandatory 30-day impoundment of cars driven by unlicensed drivers, so that offenders who have never had a valid license can get their cars back after 24 hours.

Right now, when officers impound the cars of unlicensed drivers, the mandatory term is 30 days. A new law would keep the 30 days for drivers whose bad driving led to the forfeiture or suspension of their license - may the courts add whatever punishment they so choose - but create a loophole to give unlicensed illegal immigrants their cars back overnight. Expect the California Assembly to approve SB626 as early as today.

What can we expect from California, the hot bed of modern communism. California loves illegals. They cannot live without illegals. The problem is they won't be that source of cheap labor if they become legal. Some people don't get that, but they will then be in the job pool wiht everyone else and you can no longer employ them under the table or for below market wages.

So now to show their support for people that have entered and live in this country ILLEGALY, a people that believe they have the right to go anywhere in the Americas, they are going to send the message that it is ok for them to drive without a driver's license or insurance; fabulous.

Hat tip: Uncooperative Citizen, Well Seasoned

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