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Monday, September 25, 2006

Arizona's 9/11 Memorial has Lots of People talking...

DeMediacratic Nation: Arizona's Offensively Politically Correct 9/11 Memorial

Looks like there are a few people upset about and looking into Arizona's 9/11 Memorial.

Drudge has it, Michelle Malkin has a lot of good links to those digging.

Ah, to be a small turd in the blogbowl...

UPDATE: Len Munsil just finished his remarks regarding the memorial at Wesley Bolin Park. This post will obviously not be word for word, but the bottom line is that as an Arizonan, transplanted or not (he moved here in 1995), this memorial speaks for Arizonans and that day.

The press conference began with comments from people that did lose relatives that day and were offended, which Munsil followed up with his speech.

The memorial, however, is not a tribute or memorial to the thousands that lost their lives; it's a piece from the multicultural mind-set that must always put Americans last.

Go ahead, create a memorial like the one Arizona has, but it needs to be a separate memorial.

I unfortunately have been unable to find any writings on the planned language of the memorial and it would appear it doesn't exist; which makes it all the easier in completing the project. Perhaps if the financing drive for the memorial had been more honest about silly details like wording or something could have been done to avoid the response it is now receiving.

The memorial is not as described in the Arizona Republic as quoted by "Righty Blogs Fume Over AZ 9/11 Memorial,"

"A timeline of subsequent events, such as our deployment of troops to Afghanistan and Iraq. There will be room for future events to be added in the years ahead."
The Memorial site (here) says:
  • Be a part of the Arizona 9-11 Memorial – a special space for Arizonans to remember the horrific and heroic events of September 11, 2001 and the way we, as Arizonans, shared in that experience.

  • September 11 will always be remembered as a day in history when there was no differentiation between Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. It was a day when we were all Americans and Arizonans, sharing in a tragic experience that changed our world forever.

  • A memorial at the Arizona State Capitol will be symbol for generations to come of the events of that day and will serve as an education tool for us, our children and our children’s children.

  • No public funds will be used to build or sustain Arizona’s 9-11 Memorial. All funding is through private donations and the efforts of the Governor’s Arizona 9-11 Memorial Commission, established by Gov. Janet Napolitano in 2004.

Now, the memorial is what it is; not what it was supposed to be as promised.



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