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Friday, September 01, 2006

Some Real Crap About Elvira Arellano

Not much in the way of news on the "21st Century Rosa Parks," these days. The msm tends to be quite supportive of "immigrants" rights; so the assumption is that they know a rotten egg when they see/smell one.

Emotionally, Arellano has both legs to stand on; legally, which is what should matter - she does not, which I believe is the main reason her story has not been abused and used like so many others.

This post is published to list a few quotes that I find pretty weak on the Elvia watch.

From the Chicago Sun-Times August 26, 2006, Vote If you Support Elvira Arellano:

Since I first heard about Arellano, the undocumented worker who has taken sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church to avoid deportation to Mexico, my prevailing question has been this: What about the rights of her 7-year-old son, Saul, who is an American citizen? We should be concerned about his rights. You start trampling on the rights of one citizen, and where does it end?
Yes, where does it end? What about the rights of Saul? Well, the rights of the child, as far as citizenship is concerned have not been trampled on as much as Elvira has trampled on the laws of the U.S. Do we trample on the rights/expectations of the American citizenry or do we trample on the non-rights of an illegal alien?

Forcing Elvira to leave will essentially effect the rights of an American citizen; Saul, her son:
an American citizen forced to leave the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave. A child will have to choose between mom and his country of birth, the United States. That's homeland security? I don't think so.
Patriotic American that I am sure Saul is, I don't think he will be making any choices. He is after all seven years old and will likely stick with Mom and that is the best place for him - family in Mexico? As for the "that's homeland security," remark? I don't quite look at it the same way the author does and neither do most. Security of our homeland failed when Arellano entered this country illegally TWICE!
A lot of people have said we cannot make exceptions for one mother and one child. Sorry, that's so shortsighted and denies the real family situations in this current battle over immigration.
Yeah, we cannot make an exception for one mother and one child as there are many more that would then be expecting something they shouldn't - we may as well stop blathering about reform.
Where is the value of ripping American citizens away from their parents? And just as those children suffer, so does little Citizen Saul.
Citizen Saul, that's cute. There is no value in it, but it's awfully convenient if having children here after entering illegally is a sure fire bet to citizenship or at the least remaining. If we do pass any meaningful immigration reform, why on earth would anyone take it seriously?

I realize Arellano came across the border illegally twice. For every comfortable U.S. citizen who tells me that, I wonder, how would you react if you and your family were so poor and hungry and just to the north there were jobs to end that misery? Desperate people do desperate things, especially with opportunity so close they can almost touch it.

And her point is......? I realize she has a point, but when does rule of law come into play? Desperate people have done desperate things, some get caught, others don't - it still does not make their actions any more remotely legal than they were. I recently said in a post that I could understand the wanting of a better life and that YES, were I in their situation I might cross illegally. But, this still does not make it legal and nor should I or anyone else expect special treatment.
From LA Weekly; "Remember the Immigrant-Rights Movement?" 8/23/06:
"Like a persecuted pilgrim out of the Middle Ages, undocumented immigrant Elvira Arellano is taking the immigrant-rights movement to divine and desperate new heights. Since August 15, she has been holed up inside the Adalberto United Methodist Church in the Humboldt Park area of Chicago’s West Side, invoking the principle of sanctuary in her standoff with federal officials who seek her deportation. Arellano, 31, would be separated from her 7-year-old son, Saul, born an American citizen. She entered the immigration system after being caught in a 2002 raid at O’Hare International Airport, where she worked."

"Arellano’s case gave a boost to the summertime malaise of the immigrant-rights movement and has sparked a minor media storm with all the echoes of a latter-day Rosa Parks scenario."
Can anyone say rhetoric? The Rosa Parks comparison is despicable and like comparing apples to oranges, but not if you don't really pay attention, which is what they're shooting for. Read this if you must...
Finally, last but not most we have an article from the Chicago Reporter, "Terrorism Sting Busts Immigrants," March 2003.

This article might be considered our introduction to Arellano - here are some cute quotes, there are many more, but the stupidity of this argument gets tiring.

After being swept up in Operation Chicagoland Skies, this is what Arellano said:
“I felt terrible because they were treating me like a criminal. Perhaps my only crime was to work to make a future for my son.”
Hey Vi, 1.) entering the U.S. undercover is breaking the law and is, oddly enough, considered illegal, so in reality YES, you are a criminal 2.) NO, see number one.

More from the Chicago Reporter:
an examination of Operation Chicagoland Skies, drawn from court files and a series of interviews by The Chicago Reporter, reveals that the “web of terrorism prevention” has largely come up empty.

Instead, after reviewing records for tens of thousands of workers at O’Hare and Midway airports, federal agents mostly rounded up undocumented immigrants, some of whom had obtained fake Social Security cards or passports. Others were U.S. citizens who had concealed prior criminal convictions.
Well, well, well of all the horrifying scenarios. Is this a case of this is not what you were looking for, so ignore it as has been done for so long.

Give it a glance, it's some good and aggravating reading. We live in a strange time, when what is illegal is not really illegal; falsehoods are truth and you can't get any story straight - at least from any of the msm.

After reading any of the above exercises in aggravation, take a spin over to the Daily Herald to read Chuck Goudie's opinion piece, "'Private Laws' for Illegal Immigrants Unfair to Everyone."

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