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Monday, December 18, 2006

Barack Screwed up with Illegals?

For some reason, I often find myself reading editorials about "illegal Immigration," disagreeing with them and then posting on them.

This one is about Barack Obama and his knee-jerk sign on with the Republican last ditch effort prior to the election to pass "something, anything" on immigration.

I could care less what anyone thinks at this point, but the editorialist paints the piece with the tired and unaccountable argument that the election was pinned on the "immigration" debate.

From the Chicago Sun-Times and the quote I find the most interesting (Republicans paid dearly for this, I guess):

"Republicans were running out of time to do anything about the double-edged sword of undocumented immigration and dreaded having to go and campaign for re-election without having passed some semblance of immigration reform. So, together with Obama and other weak-kneed Democrats, they voted to build a wall, presumably knowing full well that a wall would only make illegal immigration more difficult, more dangerous and more expensive, while doing nothing to curb the flow of undocumented immigrants or making our borders more secure. They were wrong and so was Obama."
"Republicans were running out of time...;" "double-edged sword...." a Republican problem?

"Illegal Immigration" is the "mandate" that Democrats were elected on...unless you consider all the other "mandates" they were elected on.

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