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Monday, December 04, 2006

Keith Ellison Disrespect American Traditions

Rightwing Guy posts this morning about Minnesota congressman elect, Keith Ellison and his request/demand to be sworn in on the koran rather than the bible.

Some interesting history on Ellison, which should be of deeper concern to us than the koran/bible issue; you have to wonder how someone with this history is even elected. But, if the msm keeps it down until a more convenient time they will - from Power Line, July 9, 2006, "Who is Keith Ellison."

From Rightwing Guy "Keith Ellison Disrespect American Traditions":

"How far do you think it is permissible for the government to accommodate specific religious observances in a liberal state and does that than go for every religious group that will in the future gain power.

I would like to use this post to explore the current situation in Congress
regarding the newly elected Congressman from Minnesota, Keith Ellison.

It seems he is creating waves in the ceremony process by refusing to take the oath of office on the Bible and wishes to buck tradition and use the Quran instead."



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