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Monday, December 04, 2006

Romney's Foreign built Lawnmowers

The Boston Globe published a story (Dec 1, 06), about MA governor Mitt Romney's use of a landscaping company that hires/utilizes "illegal immigrants" for labor, "Illegal immigrants Toiled for Governor." The Globe uses the msm's manipulative rules of engagement by blurring the line between legal and illegal; something I have griped about a number of times in posts.

Howie Carr, comlumnist at the Boston Herald, has an article published yesterday in reaction to the Globes practice of twisting the subjects, with "'Illegals' reinvented around Globe."

"Just a few months ago, it seems, the Globe’s ultimate icon, Ted Kennedy, was assuring us that illegals just want to play by the rules.
Yet now the Globe informs us that, when they’re not trimming Mitt Romney’s hedges, these one-man crime waves spend their days eluding authorities and trafficking in fake documents. And they are paid in cash - so much for all those taxes the Globe used to tell us they paid.
Ted Kennedy’s right. They do want to play by the rules. Their rules, not ours. And their only rule is, none of our rules apply to them. "
The rest here......

Todays Boston Globe has some letters from readers about the article, "The shame of our governor's lawn."


I AM not a fan of Romney and would never vote for him , but I'm more fed up with the Globe than with our governor. Illegal immigrants work on his lawn? Shocking! He didn't ask them, as they blew leaves around, for their green cards and IDs? Dereliction of duty! He didn't get out of his limo when he saw them having lunch, and interrogate them about crossing the border in the middle of some night? Arrest him! I guess the only people who can run for president these days are saints (as long as they're not Mormons)."

So what's the deal kiddies? Are we going to let this blatant manipulation of facts/surreality be the guide on in the battle of "illegal immigration?" Or are we going to follow our consciences based on facts and reality.

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