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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Catch the Illegal Immigrant" - NY Times - A Game with Whiners

Free opinion here, no TimeSelect fee necessary.

From the editorial board over at the toilet "paper" of record:
"It’s almost enough to make us nostalgic for streaking and sitting on flagpoles. College students from Michigan to Florida have found a new way to get attention, offend others and make a right-wing statement all at once. It’s a game with a name that says it all: “Catch the Illegal Immigrant.”
Hey, I'm all for seeing a few "streakers," however, if you're into sitting on "flagpoles," I'm sure there is an appropriate fetish site for that; but I regress digress.

Do you ever notice how certain "free speech" on campuses shouldn't be "free?" Do you ever notice that it is usually speech or activity from groups labeled "Rightwing," that tend to raise the ire of the Times/School Administrators/Liberal college groups?

This mornings Times pines for the days when life was as simple as making your statement the "old fashioned" way; with your flesh. Flashback to the day when re-writing reality wasn't more easily countenanced. To a day when running naked was inappropriately appropriate. Fighting the message is much easier when you don't know what the action was supposed to represent.

Today, unfortunately we have some (on the Right oddly), that now use an offensive game called "Catch the Illegal Immigrant," and according to the board:
"have declared piously that they’re just trying to spark debate"
No "piety" detected from the board......

The editorial also concerns itself with the "fact" that:
"Administrators are in a tough spot, trying to balance free speech with offensive behavior."
The tough spot being that we're watching, waiting and listening to see how you react to something you don't agree with, yet tend to accept, allow and justify from just about any college group from the Left (campus center). "Behavior," the schools and Times find offensive perhaps because people with this type of opinion/behavior could easily have been aborted to avoid activities like this, yet Right wingers, being the zealots we are tend to prefer extermination later in life, i.e. wars, death penalty, etc.

In order to silence those the Times deems sub-intelligent, they close by simplifying the debate in terms that allow them to understand the opposition; as anyone with any semblance of thought can certainly understand this:
'“Catch the Immigrant” also reflects a larger misunderstanding of the immigration issue. The more than 11 million illegal immigrants cannot be caught. Even if they could be, rounding them up and deporting them would be disastrous, economically and socially. Educators should teach the game players about the real world."
See how stupid these crazy kids are? Don't they understand the simplicity of immigration reform the paper supports is?

11 million is an estimate and I've always wondered how one deals face to face with an estimate. Legislation put forward thus far of the "comprehensive" variety will send a certain number of the "estimates (based on time "illegally" in the country)," back "home," then allow them to return and file for "legal" citizenship at the front of the line. Some "estimates," will be allowed to remain, pay a fine, then receive their "amnesty, regularization, legalization, normalization, permanence, earned adjustment, phased-in access to earned regularization," or whatever term the Times may use to cloud the issue to their liking/understanding.

That last line? "Educators should teach the game players about the real world." Starting with one of the "star" players sitting comfortably passing judgment at the Times.

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