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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Mexican Trucks To The Rescue . . .

Immigration reform in action? Sure am glad I live in the SW U.S.......

Cross posted from Common Sense America:

"To Do Another Job Americans Won’t Do

Ok, now it’s personal.

Apparently, American truckers have now joined the-jobs-Americans-won’t-do-club and are going to be replaced by Mexican trucks and drivers who will be able to freely cross our borders within the next two months. Mexican truck drivers who, not surprisingly, are willing to work for less than a third of what American drivers now earn. The average Mexican truck driver now earns an average of about $40,000 a year compared to an American owner-operator who earns approximately $150,000 a year.

Since when is a six-figure income a job that Americans don’t want to do? It isn’t. How do I know that Americans are more than willing to do this job? I own a trucking company, so I asked each of my drivers why they didn’t want their jobs anymore and, after most of them picked their jaws up off of the floor, they assured me that trucking is their career, their life, and their livelihood.

But none of that seems to matter to this administration because last week the announcement was made that 100 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed to haul freight across our borders and operate freely in the United States. Currently, trucks from Mexico must stay within 20 miles of the Mexican border and then transfer their freight to an American truck - owned by an American company.

Not anymore......"

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