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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ethnic/racial percentage determine school officials?

Cross posted from Bear Creek Ledger:

Well, isn't this interesting. From Freedom Folks we see a Black principal lose his job at a Chicago High School (Curie High School) because 68% of those attending this school are "Hispanic".

Showdown at OK Corral (from Chicago Sun-Times):

The highly rated African-American principal of Curie High School remains ousted after the new Hispanic majority on the local school council refused to reverse its vote Saturday under pressure from school and city officials.

"The school is 62 percent Hispanic, and they want a Hispanic principal," Otis Davis Jr. said Saturday after he and two other LSC members who support Jones stormed out of the meeting to deprive members of a quorum.

African-American supporters of Principal Jerryelyn Jones shouted, "Speak English!" at anti-Jones LSC member Maria Lopez as she addressed the crowd in Spanish.

There's more so check it out.

I'd say the situation in Chicago hasn't reached the level of violence as Los Angeles, but give it time.

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