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Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Sermon from Iran, Hans "Bollix" Blix and all the Rest

According to IRNA, formerly useless UN weapons inspector and still useless Hans “Bollix” Blix speaking at a conference in Brussels, Belgium as chairman if the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission said:

“The US military buildup in the Persian Gulf was to district the attention of the international community from the debacle in Iraq and stressed that the Security Council will not give the green signal for use of force against the Islamic Republic.“

"The US buildup is a psychological warfare seeking distraction from the debacle in Iraq,"

He also said that:

“A dangerous diplomatic game was being played by the EU, US and UNSC by demanding that Iran should suspend its program as a condition for talks.”

Very diplomatically savvy of him; let’s talk. As a diplomat he has become so accustomed to conferences, negotiations, meetings, chats, and wonderful lunches and dinners that he has forgotten that any military can and does play a part in the diplomatic process.

Saying in one breath that the U.S. build up in the Persian is to “distract from Iraq,” and denial by omission that the build up is for the benefit of Iran is an indicator that he is either not speaking honestly or still has no clue about real world effective accomplishment.

Elsewhere in, Madrid Spain prior to his departure from the First International Conference of Average Income Countries, Minister of Iranian Foreign Affairs Manouchehr Mottaki said:

“The age of discriminatory international ties was over and that the language of threats is no more effective. The time when US was able to impose its policies on other nations by force is over now."

Provisional Friday Prayer Leader of Tehran Hojjatoleslam Ahmad Khatami, leading the irreverent Friday Sermon at one point speaking toward U.S. leaders:

"It is to your benefit to come to negotiation table without any Precondition."

Using such flowery language as:

"Satanic moves made by the Americans"

"The people have thanks God, led their normal lives, having not retreated the slightest bit, and the Government, too, has not backed up. On the eve of the (Iranian) New Year the people are quite calmly preparing themselves for the Norouz holidays, as if nothing has happened. If you would pass ten more resolutions, too, you would gain no more."

The worshipers at this point chanted "Allaho Akbar" (God is the Greatest), "Down with Opponents of Supreme Leader", "Down with Israel" and "Down with USA" slogans, confirming Khatami's remarks.

"We repeat what we had earlier said about the peaceful nature of our nuclear program and that "we are not after taking military advantage of this technology. We also assure you that we will not compromise over our national right. It is to your own benefit to come to negation table with no preconditions."

Any semblance of starting any negotiation is moot. Let’s avoid this one offer all together; “no compromise of their national right.” Iran does not ultimately have to stick to it if they offered this as a means of starting “dialogue,” nor have they stopped cooking along with their “peaceful nukes.”

“"The fate of those who would deviate from the nation's path not would be different from the MKO's fate."

Also according to Iran’s permanent UN Rep:

Iran is not breaching any of its international commitments by producing nuclear fuel.”

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