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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Iranian Gambit - Ours and Theirs

A couple of interesting thoughts/essays on the present Persian Gulf/Middle Eastern scenario; least of which is my post earlier this morning, "Iran, One More Step to be taken and “We Can Talk” – British Illegal Entry into Iranian Waters."

Both entries into the debate acknowledge the realities apparent in the Gulf at this time; one by David Pryce-Jones, "Iran vs. Britain" which sounds to be leaning toward my earlier argument, although not as drastic, with:

"You’re challenging us, the Iranian regime is telling the West, very well, let’s have a test of strength, and then we’ll see who is the stronger."
The other, titled "High Stakes Poker in the Persian Gulf" by Mario Loyola, which goes into more of the nitty gritty or more of what is actually at stake allowing for a purposeful entry into Iranian waters by the British ship:
"First of all: Don’t necessarily believe what the British say about what those sailors were up to when they were detained. There’s probably a 90-percent chance they will tell the truth, but there is often a lot more to these international “incidents” than meets the eye."
Both reside at NRO.

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