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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Neo Upgraded and I’m LOVING IT!!!

A number of things Ramani of Hackosphere has proven as no help with are: my writing ability and my insistence on having a lot of garbage on my blog (although I’ve improved here, so maybe he has helped).

Where I can say Ramani and Hackosphere have helped greatly is with basically my entire technical blogging experience. I’ve got Neo, which has improved the load speed of my site tremendously, with no hiccups. Assistance in cluing this clueless one into what’s wrong here or there, he is unrivalled, however in all honesty I don’t go anywhere else nowadays.

If I had had a Neo wishlist (I didn’t as Neo answered my concerns), it would have been for a “Post List Navigation” for my “Recent Posts.”

No sooner does the consideration of pulling a pen out to start a wishlist and Neo Now Supports “Post List Navigation.” Reader (would be plural if there was more than one at my site) now has an “older” and “newer” link in my “recent posts” section that allows for perusing rather than just jumping into my archive.

Neo is visually different than most blogs in that only one post is apparent at first glance. Most readers expect to see one post after another and this is not the case with Neo; that’s where the “Post List Navigation” comes in. When using Neo, your page loads ONCE – all it takes to see/read another recent post is to click on its post title link.

Big deal you say? Well, be sure not to blink after clicking on a post title link or you might not realize the new post is already up.

Think of “peek-a-boo” posts, at least as far as condensing posts is concerned. Rather than the posts continuing down the page with a snippet here of each, with Neo readers can see a listing of your recent posts right up front rather than scrolling through everything you have on your page – Click and that post is there ready to read. Add to that the “Post List Navigation” and who needs to “peek.”

Check out what’s been hacked at Hackosphere or ride the Neo wave – Smooth surfing!


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