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Thursday, March 08, 2007

The Tip of the Iceburg – Libby and the Veep

After searching The Corner at NRO, I found this quote from Mark Steyn, which Bill Bennett referenced in part this a.m. on Bill Bennett’s Morning in America and at The Corner regarding the Libby trial (italics mine):

“The resilience of Joe Wilson’s scam is remarkable. I’m getting gazillions of e-mails castigating me for defending Scooter Libby, a man who apparently “recklessly endangered the life of a covert agent and her fellow operatives in Africa and elsewhere”. I wish the CIA had covert agents in Niger. But it doesn’t. That’s why it has to fly in Joe Wilson to sip tea by the pool and interview bureaucrats. And the fellows the CIA does have in Africa are a very curious bunch, including a former station chief in Khartoum who subsequently signed on as a lobbyist for Sudan’s genocidal government."

"But nevertheless an anti-war deputy secretary of an anti-war department leaking to an anti-war reporter the name of an anti-war analyst who got her anti-war husband a job with an anti-war agency is supposedly an elaborate “conspiracy” by Cheney, Rove and the other warmongers. Looked at more prosaically, it’s a freak intersection of bad personnel decisions, which is one of the worst features of this presidency. So many of the Bush Administration’s wounds come from its willingness to keep the wrong people in key positions: Tenet should not have been retained at the CIA, Armitage should not have been at State.”

The driving force behind this entire fiasco is more in line with political retribution; not the political retribution that Wilson/Plame and those of the “rabid” Left claimed the Administration instigated in response to Wilson/Plames scathing editorial in The NY Times regarding his trip to Niger. But retribution for daring to challenge the status quo of the international arena; for daring to deny the veracity of a “diplomats” editorial report in, basically a political game intended to further the nation away from the truth.

The media not only jumped on the band wagon, but built and serviced it, allowing it to make its multi-year trek to the verdict that is now apparently (again?) only the “tip of the iceburg.” We are reveled with remarks from all over, including and allowing Joseph Wilson/Plame the opportunity to further his lies:

"Well, I think the President and the Vice President both owe the American people a full explanation of what they know about this matter."

Thanks to a willful disregard of Wilson’s claims by the media from the get go; Wilson can state the above and somehow oddly remain unscathed by his and the oppositions scam.

Revelations that might have widened the reality of what had happened may have been reported once by each of the media outlets yet were dropped beyond that in order to continue the scandalous and manipulative evil administration reporting going. Meanwhile, we get stories on secret CIA operations for holding individuals in Europe and leaks regarding the NSA program (which is a lesson in how to avoid any real substance), that earn their authors Pulitzers. Future stories involving Fitzgeralds prosecution and investigation always mention the administration for summarizing purposes, you know to get us up to speed if we’re slow. But each of these stories invariably ignores the questionability or at least revelations of the Wilson claims. This does a service to administration haters, which is one thing and a disservice to the public. Am I just biased or wrong? Maybe, but that’s more than the msMEDIA can say; which undeniably did not get to the bottom of the story no matter what side you stand on.

I personally, as many do, feel Libby was railroaded. However, it was for the court to decide, just like it was for OJ, regardless of how one feels about the outcome. That aside, forget about Libby for a moment, We the People, are being railroaded with partisan politics being played “as usual,” the Left (I’m sure the Right is in here as well, but being canted to the Right and need to keep my membership duties up to code, I won’t mention it) and worst of all the msMEDIA.

Why do I say “worst of all the msMEDIA?” Because they are the “self-proclaimed” watchdogs to the public good. Because they say the are not Liberally or Conservatively biased yet they do lean in a direction which to me is to the Left, but this does not matter to the ultimate point I am so poorly trying to make.

The Fourth Estate, does not contain any individuals that are voted for and/or elected by “We the People.” Yet, it is their day in and day out drone that drives what is important to us. They have chosen a mantle and deceive us and likely themselves that they are not biased and are just reporting it as they see it. To report as one “sees it,” is to report it as on “sees it;” this is not unbiased no matter how unbiased one is. To see only the administration’s “deceptive” side of the story ignores the Wilson “deceptive” side of the story. To chase leads based on an ‘anonymous’ source with possible ulterior and partisan/biased motives is to be lead by the nose after a bogeyman that may not be at all.

This entire chapter, which unfortunately is still being written (“Libby Framed Around Vile Scheming, Skip Armitage, Tie in Reagan” ignore Wilson, but include him in the stories because he started it), at full speed after the imaginary “bogeyman.” ‘Time for another and/or more investigations; you bet, and we, the msMEDIA are on it, don’t worry about a thing.’

Think the Bush Administration twists “intelligence?” Think again who exactly twists reality because it doesn’t fit into the storyline.

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