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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ABC, IRNA and the Not so Secret War against Iran

ABC News has the goods on the U.S.’ support of terrorism:

“A Pakistani tribal militant group responsible for a series of deadly guerrilla raids inside Iran has been secretly encouraged and advised by American officials since 2005, U.S. and Pakistani intelligence sources tell ABC News.

The group, called Jundullah, is made up of members of the Baluchi tribe and operates out of the Baluchistan province in Pakistan, just across the border from Iran.

It has taken responsibility for the deaths and kidnappings of more than a dozen Iranian soldiers and officials.”

No funding however is provided by the U.S. government

Ace reporters in Iran working for the Islamic Republic News Agency (moonlighting for ABC perhaps), caught onto the situation as well:

“Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has hired a Pakistani terrorist group that has carried out a series of deadly terrorist attacks inside Iran, ABC News has reported on Wednesday.

The group, members of the Baluchi tribe, operates from Pakistan's province of Baluchestan, just across the border from Iran.

ABC cited US government sources it did not identify as saying the US has maintained close ties to its leader, Abdel-Malik Regi, since 2005.

The group, called Jundullah, has carried out raids, resulting in the deaths or kidnapping of Iranian ordinary people as well as soldiers and officials.

The large Iranian community residing in the US protested strongly to Voice of America (VOA)'s live interview with Regi recently in which the terrorist claimed responsibility for the operations.”

Perhaps this is what led to the mishap of the “15 victims of a misunderstanding?”

The revelation reveals that it may be time to take President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud “Momo” Ahmadinejad more seriously when on Wednesday he:

“highlighted the imbalance in structure of the United Nations Security Council and said that the member states expect the world body to observe justice as a basis for decision making.”

Further out of character comments for the president were:

“He accused “arrogant world powers” of bringing about “destruction” to the whole world.”

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